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Terraria Bad Ideas

Darkest YT

1) You have to fight the dungeon guardian or duke fishron to unlock hard mode.

2) Bee hives spawn in the crimson/corruption biomes.

3) The Moonlord duplicates every 10 seconds.

4) Instead of spawning a pet worm, a suspicious looking apple poisons you.

5) Honey hurts you and lava heals you.

6) The Moonlord drops a copper shortsword.

7) King slime is a green slime and a green slime is king slime.

8) Whenever you look at medusa you turn into stone and you softlock the game because you're trapped in stone forever.

9) You spawn in the underworld with a wall of flesh!
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Eye of Cthulhu
I'm full of horrible ideas!
  • Smashing Altars releases corruption onto the entire world.
  • NPCs eat any food found in your storage.
  • Slimes can digest your clothes, leaving your character running around without pants.
  • The Eye of Cthulhu spawns wandering eyes as minions.
  • All characters get locked in Hardcore.
  • Dirt is affected by gravity.
  • Blocks can't float.
  • The guide charges 50 silver for one tip.
  • Enemies don't drop coins.
  • The Wall of Flesh will push any blocks along with it, destroying the underworld.
  • You have to eat to survive like Minecraft.
  • Armor slows you down significantly and renders an flight accessories useless.
  • You can only carry two singular items at a time.
  • The character has stamina, and it loses health when it runs too long.
  • Being crushed by any boss or enemy is an instakill.
  • Trees can murder the player by falling on them.
  • Blood moons only last two minutes, as well as solar eclipses.
  • Any non-hostile creature including the character will now swear when getting hurt (I kinda like this one).
  • Nights become cold, so wearing armor or standing near a heat source is the only way to live.
  • Caves can collapse randomly.
Alright, that's all I got.


A mode where all enemies will oneshot you.
If a rolling cacti dies, a new event called Boulder and Cacti rain will start.
Same goes to if a Boulder dies.
When Slimes die, they will inflict debuff ogre spit for ∞ years.
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