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Terraria Bad Ideas

Angry Bones

The Destroyer
a mode where npc attack you for no reason and if you kill them you get a random debuff and the world will send a message saying: "you are a feminist, name every women"

Scratch Lunin

Brain of Cthulhu
I made a similar post to this on Terraria Online, but figured I'd make it here too. The idea is humorously terrible ideas for Terraria, or ideas that make an amount of sense but would never work in practice.

I'll get us started...

* The "beginning of the end "actually IS potentially the end of the world. Fail to defeat the celestial towers in a short enough time, or get defeated by Moon Lord? Your world is deleted.

* Three silver bullets kills werewolves, regardless of actual damage dealt. Also applies to players in werewolf form.

* If you play on your birthday, the Clown will come to party... and blow you up.
A copper shortsword actually is a dimensional portal activator that transports you to another game entirely, then takes everything from the game and brings it back into Terraria.

Mr luminite

The Destroyer
You can combine boss summoning items at the tinkerers workshop and get an item that summons a fusion of the bosses for example fusing a prismatic lacewing and a gelatin crystal would make a slimey lacewing which would summon the empress of slime.


Official Terrarian
New update,
  • Ore armours now slow down the player
  • Most weapons available during the early or beginning part of Hardmode in the game now deal 67% less damage and have a 14% slower useTime
  • Lazy Mode introduced, which makes every enemy have random stats and ai
  • Background trees now count as actual in-game trees and have to be cut down
  • Player life regen has been reduced by 73%
  • Removed 1513 items from the game
  • Town NPCs will now attack the player depending on their happiness
  • The player has a 34% chance to take 3-10x contact damage from enemies
  • Magic and Summoner have been removed and converted into Ranged and now use ammunition instead of mana
  • The player now loses all of their money even if in a piggybank or safe
  • Softcore has now been replaced by Mediumcore
  • Buffed Clockwork Assault Rifle, +20 more damage and +7% more critical strike chance
  • Added temperature into the game which changes during the biome you're in
  • Enemies with ranged attacks now have a 1% chance to instantly kill the player
  • Introduced food bar
  • Reduced the amount of speed asphalt blocks give by 91%
  • Plantera removed from the game
  • Coins are now throwable and deal 2x more damage
  • Multiplayer reworked, made it so that the maximum amount of players in one world is 2
  • Fairies now lead the player into Dead man's chests
  • Increased the amount of traps in the world
  • +8467 new items in the game (97.8% are decorative furniture)
  • Mud sprite updated
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