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Terraria Bad Ideas


New update,
  • Ore armours now slow down the player
  • Most weapons available during the early or beginning part of Hardmode in the game now deal 67% less damage and have a 14% slower useTime
  • Lazy Mode introduced, which makes every enemy have random stats and ai
  • Background trees now count as actual in-game trees and have to be cut down
  • Player life regen has been reduced by 73%
  • Removed 1513 items from the game
  • Town NPCs will now attack the player depending on their happiness
  • The player has a 34% chance to take 3-10x contact damage from enemies
  • Magic and Summoner have been removed and converted into Ranged and now use ammunition instead of mana
  • The player now loses all of their money even if in a piggybank or safe
  • Softcore has now been replaced by Mediumcore
  • Buffed Clockwork Assault Rifle, +20 more damage and +7% more critical strike chance
  • Added temperature into the game which changes during the biome you're in
  • Enemies with ranged attacks now have a 1% chance to instantly kill the player
  • Introduced food bar
  • Reduced the amount of speed asphalt blocks give by 91%
  • Plantera removed from the game
  • Coins are now throwable and deal 2x more damage
  • Multiplayer reworked, made it so that the maximum amount of players in one world is 2
  • Fairies now lead the player into Dead man's chests
  • Increased the amount of traps in the world
  • +8467 new items in the game (97.8% are decorative furniture)
  • Mud sprite updated
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