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Terraria Bad Ideas


Brain of Cthulhu
Slime AI enemies move at supersonic speed and Fighter AI enemies can break down doors no matter what, basically forcing you to barricade the doors and hide on the first night.



Brain of Cthulhu
was calling out Calamity Death Mode but whatever
Molten Pickaxe's pickaxe power changed to 59%
Reaver Shark's Pickaxe power changed to 100%


-Wyverns' legs are replaced with bee legs.
-Fallen Stars are now Fallen Bees.
-Mana is replaced with Bee Power.
-Trees have a chance to have a beehive on them.
-Trees have a chance to be covered in bees.
-Trees have a chance to become bees.
-Dirt now spawns bees when dug.
-Hearts on the Life bar are now images of bees.
-Drinking ale now grants you the Buzzed buff.
-The Moon Lord's eyes are replaced with True Queen Bees.
-Tooltips of all weapons are replaced with bee puns.
-The Mysterious Tablet now has the face of a bee on it.
-The Cultists wear black and yellow clothing.
-Phantasmal Dragon is replaced with Phantasmal Bee.
-All NPCs continuously talk about bees.
-All NPCs are bees.
-The Lihzahrd Temple is now bee-themed.
-Golem's Fists are bees.
-Golem is now a bee.
-Stynger now shoots actual bee stings.
-The Goblin Army has a new member, the Bee Rider.
-Beehives now cover 60% of the Jungle.
-Lava is now replaced with liquid bees.
-Plantera shoots bees.
-Plantera is covered in bees.
-Half of all weapons in the game now deal bee damage.
-A new Celestial Tower: the Buzzy Pillar.
-End-game Buzzy equipment for bee damage.
-The entire world is now shaped like a bee.
-The entire world is now a bee.
Wait it's all bees
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