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Selme Marqui

First thread on here. I think I'm in the right place. If I get the inspiration again, I might make more. Until then, it's just this.

EDIT: Added another one, so I changed the title.

Human Supreme Calamitas.png

Something random I did. I have been playing Terraria off and on, but only vanilla. I've been wanting to do a modded run, but I'm not only waiting for the program TModLoader to update, but also to get a new laptop because the amount of mods I grabbed and the content in them will surely obliterate my current one (well, not really, but it will crash). I'm thinking about posting this on Steam and the Terraria forums, but I'm not sure. So about this picture...

I've been watching a lot of Terraria videos and listened to the Calamity mod music made by DMDokuro (both his original and Calamity music's awesome). I recently grew attached to some of the Calamity songs (first Roar of the Jungle Dragon, then expanded from there) and ended up liking "Stained, Brutal Calamity". I often imagined my character battling her in this form. Hence why I drew up a human version of Supreme Calamitas from the Calamity mod.

I should've moved her full body part over more, agh. But yeah, it was a bit difficult to not have parts of her blend in together since I usually color break various parts with different colors, but I just had to draw her. I think I did okay.

View attachment Human Perforator(reducedsize).png (stupid post won't let me show the full picture and keeps doing this)
First picture of the new year, yay! And it's another Terraria Calamity mod gijinka of the Perforators!

Well, the main one.

I had worked on this last year, but because of my health issue at the time, I couldn't finish it. Now I got to do so.

Agh, I had to trace the main sections of the worms before cloning the base parts 'cause I felt I wouldn't get it right doing it freehand. Besides that, I think this looks okay, considering I had just returned to drawing since the Holiday Retail Season ended. Well, mainly coloring in this case. I should've done better with the background, aaaah. So about the human version...

The girl is based on the main boss of the Perforators, that flying mushroom-looking-ish thing. I listened to the theme song and imagined the high notes and screeches were her singing and screaming. I figured she was once a singer who got caught up in the Crimson while traveling and she got transformed into this creature. She fights similarly to her original, except for launching ichor from her hands rather than the head.

View attachment Human Astrum Aureus.png
Here's another Terraria Calamity mod gijinka of Astrum Aureus! It's been on hold for some time, but I finally got to finish him. Again, I should've fixed the placement. -__-;;

I decided to make this one a humanoid since his original is an infected machine. Like so, he also got infected by the Astral virus that was present. He can walk normally, but if he's in battle or needs to get somewhere fast, he uses the large legs that float near him. He has circuit lines on his face that go to the back of his neck down to the bottom of his shoulder blades, arms, and legs, but due to the virus, there are hairline cracks that glow.

View attachment Human Slime God.png
(Oh good, it's just the right size (OR I THOUGHT IT DID...))

After so freaking long and too many missed days, I FINALLY got to finish this! Though, I could've done better with the slimes, but it was late and I was tired.

So this is my human version of the Slime God from the Terraria Calamity mod! Despite the way the slimes look like in the background, he's actually kid-sized due to how small his original is, since he's supposed to be the core. But don't let that fool you, despite his mischievous antics, he's actually really dangerous, especially with the Crimulan and Ebonian Slimes with him.

The yinyang design on some parts of his outfit are based on the old version of Slime God as I was in the middle of lining him when the sprites changed, so I kept them anyway.
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Ah, it's been some time since the last pic I did. I had some RL issues that affected me, so my creative mood is screwed up now.

I was planning some human designs for the Calamity bosses whose songs I liked, but it looks like some of them are getting resprites so I'll have to wait to work on them until the update comes out. Which is a shame because I'm currently working on one and I saw what the possible resprite would look like. Not sure if I should keep on it or not...
These all look really cool! And as someone who based a character's name on Astrum Aureus, that one's currently my favorite. Nice work
All very cool designs, I likey!
^__^ Thanks! I want to do Yharon next, but I'm not sure if he got a new sprite redesign recently or not. I kept seeing a different design for him in different places, but I don't know if it's a confirmed one or not. Nothing really changed in the official wiki either, I don't think. I don't want to work on him for a time and then find out he changed like what happened when I did Slime God, especially since I had done a planning sketch for the old (current?) Yharon.
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