Terraria Comic Book from DC Comics is Here!

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. ahamling27

    ahamling27 Official Terrarian

    Not just you and Leinfors! :D
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  2. Evilgrapez

    Evilgrapez Retinazer

    Yeah, that was my first thought when I saw this. I actually own the entire comic series that was in the Nintendo Power issues for a year. :p
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  3. Sugars

    Sugars Retinazer

    I hope I can trust DC to deliver. This looks awesome.
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  4. AntithesisEK

    AntithesisEK Golem

    I feel sorry for whoever built that building! The cover certainly has a very classic saturday morning cartoon sense to it.

    It's almost weird seeing a purple people eater (of worlds) though.
  5. ZadenYuki

    ZadenYuki Steampunker

    Looks pretty cool, want to order but nah im broke as :redspin:
  6. Bloopy_Doopy

    Bloopy_Doopy Eye of Cthulhu

    How much for one?:golem:
  7. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    by clicking on the comic cover, you'll see it's $14,99
  8. Bloopy_Doopy

    Bloopy_Doopy Eye of Cthulhu

    SAY WHAT???!!!!:eek:
  9. ahamling27

    ahamling27 Official Terrarian

    It does come with two figures too, it's not just the comic.
  10. CrimsonCuttle

    CrimsonCuttle Skeletron Prime

    i don't need it
    i don't need it
    i don't need it
  11. Scutilla

    Scutilla Terrarian

    Ah but how many pages is it?

    All the store page has is the dimensions, thickness is listed as 2 inches. That's actually fairly thick even after taking the two figurines into account, but that might just be an inflated number (better to overestimate the size of the product than underestimate). For $15, hopefully it's bigger than your standard single issue comic book (which is generally around 32 pages I think?).

    That said, it's cool that they're doing something like this, and I'm really glad they're not using the hot garbage art style of the the playsets and animation. If it lasts long enough to put out a compilation book that doesn't come with the toys I'd definitely pick it up.
  12. willsp

    willsp Skeletron Prime

    wait... it says #1 on the side.....holy :red: this is gonna be a series
  13. The comic book looks amazing, and I'm a fan of the old style; albeit, I haven't read many comic books. I will definitely have to get this soon! The two toys that come with the comic aren't appealing at all though. Do you guys have any magnet merchandise?? Magnets are pretty magical.
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  14. ahamling27

    ahamling27 Official Terrarian

    With a hot glue gun and blank magnets, anything becomes a magnet, including the two figures it comes with. :p
  15. SkyCommision

    SkyCommision Plantera

    Wait wait wait, a Terraria COMIC?! Wasn't expecting this. Can't wait to buy it!
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  16. Teal

    Teal Eater of Worlds

    Mine is ordered. Prepare for cynical reviews incoming.
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  17. Evilgrapez

    Evilgrapez Retinazer

    Don't spoil it please!
  18. Teal

    Teal Eater of Worlds

    Not going to pull an Undertale, don't worry.
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  19. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    Why do I get the feeling that the comic will be really, really off. x-x
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  20. Teal

    Teal Eater of Worlds

    So what if it isn't exactly perfectly cannon with Terraria's mechanics? It's a comic...
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