Terraria Coming To Nintendo Switch in 2017!

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by 505Games, Feb 28, 2017.

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  1. Techdude594

    Techdude594 Skeletron Prime

    Yes, Pipe Works is changing the engine to make it mimic the PC version across ALL consoles (PS4, XB1, and Switch)
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  2. Wolf_743

    Wolf_743 Skeletron Prime

    I think that art is the most impressive game art i've literraly ever seen! i r8 8/8!

    And I wanna see how involved the nintendo switch is gonna be about this, like, are you going to be waving your arms around half the time, or something? (that would be cool, but, kind of weird also)
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    WHAT SORCERY IS THIS? :merchanteek::merchanteek::merchanteek:
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  3. CrimsonRed1710

    CrimsonRed1710 Terrarian

    Anyone but me notice the skeleton merchant in the box art they really should have not announced 1.3 for the switch yet and let people figure it out from that tho
  4. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Brain of Cthulhu

    I think that would have lasted all of a few hours as the forum argued over it until a mod came in to diffuse the fights and answer the question.
  5. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    Keen eye, buddy! I guess that kinda IS a clue that the switch will be getting 1.3
  6. GreenV

    GreenV Terrarian

    Read first post on the thread.
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  7. CrimsonRed1710

    CrimsonRed1710 Terrarian

    Hey! 505games will you be adding a expert exclusive drop for Ocram, Turkor, and Leupus it would be really nice to get your feedback on this thnx and have fun doing what you do and don't bother with those people rushing the completion of the 1.3 update cuz with the more time the better the game will turn out (would be nice for public beta testing tho)
  8. The more I look at the switch, the more I see the Wii. It's probably because they are both innovative, but I loved the Wii, and I really wish I could get a Switch, but alas, I'm stuck with the Xbox One. I hear a new Xbox is coming out as well though... LOL
  9. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    I was already more than completely aware that the Switch version for Terraria would get 1.3 -_-
    I was just summarizing what @TheXboxTerrarian said in a way I understood.
  10. flintboyjr

    flintboyjr Skeletron Prime

    cant wait keep up the good work :D hows terraria other world coming?
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  11. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Brain of Cthulhu

    :: checks his magic 8 ball:: Answer hazy, ask again in a few months.

    Sorry, I tried. :D
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  12. Wolf_743

    Wolf_743 Skeletron Prime

    I copied this phrase from another comment I saw a long time ago on another website about Bukkit soon being able to support Minecraft 1.7 AND 1.8 AT THE SAME TIME.
    This is because shoving two different versions of one game in one big ball of goodness is quite impossible for Devs to pull off.
    I am very jealous of anyone with a Nintendo Switch, seriously.
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    OMG I FORGOT ABOUT THAT GAME. Man I haven't seen anything about it in quite some time. It seemed all pimped up, Idk why on earth it hasnt been released yet.
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  13. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Brain of Cthulhu

    Because games regularly take years to be made. Most of the time we don't hear about games so early.

    In this case they were confident it was getting ready. Then they realized it wasn't that fun and they needed to go back to the drawing board. Thus things are delayed by quite a bit.
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  14. Serpah

    Serpah Terrarian

    Now, Imagine this: a Switch Dog pet
    We NEED that
  15. Thorthegreat12

    Thorthegreat12 Terrarian

    Extremely excited for the release of Terraria on Switch! Can't wait to buy it and experience 1.3 all over again!
  16. SamTTM

    SamTTM Skeletron

    To bad I cant afford one
  17. How much is the average price for a switch anyways? I want to know when to save up.
  18. Lycos Hayes

    Lycos Hayes Plantera

    usually around $300 USD
  19. EPICFACE07

    EPICFACE07 Skeletron Prime

    This is a great news Hope Nintendo switch players are hyped :D
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  20. FlyKip

    FlyKip Retinazer


    I don't have a switch though....
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