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Console Terraria Console Holiday 2015 Update!

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by 505Games, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. dangerwolfkilla

    dangerwolfkilla Terrarian

    I strongly agree ☹☹☹☹☹☹☹
  2. Enderslayer197

    Enderslayer197 Terrarian

    So excited! XD Gonna make a new character and world so I can do everything legit. Just hope my sister will make a new character as well. Proboly not though. -_-:sigh:
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  3. TheLostMind

    TheLostMind Terrarian

    omhy ghud skeliton thooo cute *dies*
    -TheLostMind's Temmie
  4. Ignis55

    Ignis55 Skeletron Prime

    well I can't wait for the Vita version to get updated but helllloooo PS4!!
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  5. terrariaonvita

    terrariaonvita Terrarian

    Hehe now I have to draw a different picture because on Christmas the duke will be mine. :)
  6. GespenstKAF

    GespenstKAF Spazmatism

    Oh, frabjous day!
    Kaloo, kalay!

    (Haven't read Jabberwocky in forever, so I know I spelt them wrong)
  7. TheEBMoonLord

    TheEBMoonLord Terrarian

    so... NO XBOX ONE?!
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  8. Indominus Rex

    Indominus Rex Terrarian

    *HAPPY ROAR* *trys not to eat Loki*
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  9. PigronMage91

    PigronMage91 Terrarian

    Not yet, no xbox 360 either
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    Your name and avatar...:pumpking:
  10. TheLostMind

    TheLostMind Terrarian

    oh goud dihnosaur toho cute *dies*
    -TheLostMind's Temmie
  11. Freakshow

    Freakshow Plantera

    Wait, how did you die 2 times?:confused:... *gasps*... ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!:golem:
  12. mickylovefist

    mickylovefist Terrarian

    Has it dropped on anyone's PS3 yet?
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  13. Red Dragon the Destroyer

    Red Dragon the Destroyer Skeletron Prime

    ive been waiting since July! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! FINALLY!!!
  14. TheLostMind

    TheLostMind Terrarian

    nho tem is nhot a illiminut tem ihs tem yayha tem can die shoo mani timhe i whuant like thiss *dies again*
    -TheLostMind's Temmie
  15. Nike Leon

    Nike Leon Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    You lucky Sony players! I'm sure xbox can't be too far behind though ;)

    Redigit has stated before that console and Mobile exclusives do not fit his vision for Terraria and will not be ever coming to PC.
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  16. TheDimi44 [UA]

    TheDimi44 [UA] Terrarian

    Great news to my console friends! Congratulations from mobile user!
  17. Bannor

    Bannor Skeletron Prime

    Well hopefully the wait for xbox users won't be as long as the wait for Amazon. Sucks that both platforms I own get delayed. Just my luck lol.
  18. Danoh23

    Danoh23 Skeletron

    Whoa, is that English?
    So this is how console players speak.
  19. cosmiccori

    cosmiccori Terrarian

    YIPPEE! I can't wait to get this update !!`:passionate::nursepassionate:
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2015
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  20. TheLostMind

    TheLostMind Terrarian

    something tell me you never hear about UndeTale and Temmie
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