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Terraria Console Skins from Elite Gaming Gear Now Available!


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Good evening everyone!

As a part of our ongoing Console 1.3 celebrations, we are pleased to share that Elite Gaming Gear has recently developed the first (with hopefully more designs to come) design of console and controller "skins" (Elite Skinz) for your PS4/XB1!



What are Elite Skinz?
Each Elite Skinz product comes with a full set of high durability, high resolution vinyl decals to protect and perfect your console and two controllers. With incredibly low prices for full sets of customization, you can outfit your gaming setup no matter what your budget! Application is simple, and these high durability vinyl Skinz will give you the custom look and feel that lets your gaming gear stand out from the crowd!
For further details - or to order your own today - visit the Elite Gaming Gear Store at http://www.elitegaminggear.com/shop/terraria-products/?v=7516fd43adaa or click either of the images above.

We hope that everyone is enjoying the update (with more fixes on the way for those that are having issues) and that you will find this new way to show your Terrarian side as cool as we do.
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