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Console Terraria Console: The Next Generation - Launch Date Confirmed!


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I'd like to complain about something, but I can't think of anything. Does anyone have any ideas? I feel sort of left out.


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i think that many people havent gotten the thanksgiving upd8 yet. Just wait.
If you look at the places to the update will go to (IOS, Google play, and amazon) its not coming out for windows phone. I want to know why but I think the devs are 1. To lazy 2. Don't like Microsoft. (because of the Xbox one version being later and the cross platform play. And finally the update not being on windows phone) or 3. They forgot they released it on the windows phone somehow

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Wait I have a question, will owners of the xbox and PS3 version of Terraria still receive updates? Or will our version stay on 1.2?
Watch the video in the provided link. All consoles will be getting the updates :)
In an interview at E3 Rudi said that they were going to keep the games cross generation compatible. So 360 and ps3 will get all the same stuff as Ps4 and Xbox1. Sadly this also means that despite their capabilities PS4 and Xbox1 Terrarias will not feature larger world sizes.
why are you posting your stupid picture here?
This is totally rude and uncalled for. Your original post was about PCs while this thread is dedicated to the console versions. Please discuss PC matters in the PC sections of the forums.


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Great news for Terraria, 505Games and PS4/XBONE fans.

Someone's gotta bring it up: Where's the Wii U version? Is there anything planned relating to the Wii U. Or maybe instead the 3DS. Any reason why it's not on either of these platforms?
Unfortunately, the 3DS probably would not be able to handle it. Have you seen how much memory Terraria on PC uses?

As for a Wii U version... http://www.terrariaonline.com/threa...o-ps4-and-xbox-one.149451/page-3#post-3027153

We have dev kits and have published on the platform before and continue to do so (Sniper Elite V2, Funky Barn, and How to Survive coming soon.) Unfortunately I cannot get into specifics. But, I will say that there are A LOT of factors that are considered when it comes to platform selection; we look at it from technical, commercial, and game strategy angles. None of which are looked at lightly and done so with many professionals involved. We pick our platforms carefully and with reason. For Terraria, Wii U was decided to not be in its current scope.
That aside though, glad to see that PS4 and XBONE users will be able to get Terraria soon, and 1.2 no less!
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Sounds awesome, I personally don't play console, but good to see it isn't being left out.
(this has nothing to do with your sentence but) MY CHARACTER IN XBOX 360 just got damn deleted :(((((((((((((((( i worked a year on it and im pissed. i have terraria on xbox one xbox 360 and mobile and i deleted my best guy i spent a year on (gear candycorn rifle turtle armour 20 ocram spawners 15 souls of blight necromantic scroll terrara blade vampire daggers magma stone hover board bundle of baloons full shroomite armour tactical shot gun sniper rifle rifle scope mthe fire gauntlet thingy)

Sylent :^)

Good to see Terraria getting expanded, and I have a question: Can you get Terraria for Xbox360 on disc or do you have to get it on Xbox Live?


This is for all the admins and developers and other people. So I've been sooo anxious for this update to come out so I was wondering if you could maybe tell me when it comes out. Or you could just give me a hint when , like what month or something like that. And I bet a lot of people would like to know too. So thank you if you do do this ✌


I'd like to complain about something, but I can't think of anything. Does anyone have any ideas? I feel sort of left out.
I'm mad that windows phone doesn't get update
I don't get it, does putting Terraria in multiple next gen consoles profitable? It'll fit in a ps1 or 2 but a powerful console like ps4 to play Terraria. Really?
Its on PC and PC is 10x stronger. Ps4 isn't as strong as you think it is.


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I'm sure I've said it already but I'll say it again,
Exciting stuff.
I can't wait to see how Terraria looks and plays on the next-Gen consoles. (Especially PS4)
Keep up the great work 505 & Engine.
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