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Short Story Terraria custom boss lores.

Discussion in 'Terraria Literature and Music' started by Godley, May 25, 2018.

  1. Godley

    Godley Terrarian

    Yep, just what it looks like.
    Anything that was wanted will be given a lore.
  2. Godley

    Godley Terrarian

    King slime.

    Few think of the slimes as anything more than simplistic, inferior creatures, yet many knew of the king slime, not because of its power, but of his unfortunate existence.

    Half a year before the Terrarian was born, there was a powerful ninja who protected the lands.
    The village thrived with his protection, and so did the people.
    he is also the possessor of the master ninja gear, the last artifact from the first age.
    But dispite all his powers, he have a strange secret, not known to many.
    He admired slimes.
    The reason remained unclear, some says it’s because they jump so much, other say it was due to how his weapons are imbued with gel to burst into flame when thrown.

    But for whatever reason, when he heard that an ancient potions book had been translated, and there was a potion in the book that turns humans into slimes, he desperately wanted it.
    The ninja stole the translated copy of the book with ease, and tried it out as soon as he got all the ingredients.
    However, he didn’t realize three things; instead of turning the user into a slime, the potion makes gel grow on his skin as protection, is therefore permanent , and that the recipe is for fifty people, not one.
    So you can imagine his surprise when he find himself as a giant slimethe size of a large house , with no arms to throw or legs to run with, immediately after the potion was drunk.
    The ninja/slime tried to get help, but everyone around start attacking him, not knowing that the slime was the respected ninja.
    Slowly, the ninja/slime hoped out into the woods, where he waited for the potion to warn off.
    It did not.
    Eventually, ninja was forced to find food by himself, and during one of these trips, he traveled a large distance, almost to the other side of the isle.
    On that trip, he was greeted by something unexpected.
    A slime jumped from A cave, and another, and another... slowly but surely the ninja/slime was being surrounded by slimes.
    The ninja, maddened by what his obsession with slimes had turned him into, wanted to squish these slimes with his newfound strength, when one of them said “what’s the matter, Large one?” The ninja was extremely surprised to realize he could understand their squishy language.
    However, what a different slime said was even more surprising to him: “you should be our new king”.
    It turned out that the slimes had lost their king a while ago to some powerful skeleton in the dungeon.
    King slimes are the greatest rank among all slimes, and without a king, the society of slimes simply isn’t complete.
    Usually , the slime have to get a new king through a series of battles on a blood moon, but the ninja is almost twice as large as the largest real slime on the island, so it was almost unanimously agreed that he should be the new king of this island.
    The ninja agreed to be their king, and from then on was know, by the villagers, as the king slime.
    The ninja, or king slime as he was now known, now controls every slime on the island, however he never call other slimes for help other that the ones the slimy layer generates naturally, this is because he know they would certainly be killed, and that isn’t reversible, but as he is still an NPC, he will always respawn.
    The king slime respect humans, and tries to stay out of their way, but when hundreds of slimes was killed by someone in front of his eyes, or if someone wave puppets in the shape of the king slime using the remains of his people, he will be enraged and come after the one who had done it.
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  3. Godley

    Godley Terrarian

    Five comments, then I will upload the eoc.
  4. Peach Head

    Peach Head Official Terrarian

  5. sapphirebuster

    sapphirebuster Terrarian

    The lore being communicated isn't bad, though perhaps less reliance on the relatively shallow game mechanics to form the basis of it would enrich it more.

    That being said, your method of writing definitely needs work, the use of present tense doesn't lend itself very well to a story telling about events of the past to put it lightly.

    The flow of your writing is quite abrupt as well, it feels like you were torn between writing a list and writing a story with all the single line sentences and attempts at, well, telling a story.

    I suppose the biggest thing is that there isn't enough detail where it matters and too little where it needs to have detail.

    I get the sense that this is meant to be written as one would re-tell the story of an old legend, old stories of gods or famous artifacts of the like, but there is too much text saying that this is how something is, instead of telling us how something is.

    For instance, "he is also one of the only two who knows of the master ninja gear, as he is the one who possesses it(the other one being the guide)."
    Read aloud, it simply does not sound natural, not something that someone would realistically say when telling a story, or actually write down if recounting a legend.

    If you were intending to present the information as a series of facts, then perhaps more detached vernacular would have been better to use, or if you were intending to write it like a story or legend, paragraphs would have been better.
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  6. Godley

    Godley Terrarian

    I suppose this counts as 5 comments, so here I come!
    Eye of Cthulhu.
    A long time ago, generations before now, the moon lord was chopped up into pieces by Andrew the hero and his team.
    In the battle, the team didn’t bother with Moon lord’s eyes of power, dispite the guide’s warning, and straight up attacked his torso.
    This caused the moon lord to be seemly defeated, but deep down, each individual part of the moon lord is still alive, just momentarily stunned, like granite elementals when they take too much damage.
    When the pieces ‘wake up’, the eyes split off to survive individually, not because they are stupid, but due to the fact that personality-wise, they’re very different from each other, and therefore required different places to live.
    One of the eyes chose to stay at the overworld, and created the colony of demon eyes we now know and feared.
    It also sometimes kills and eats villagers at night, that is, before the reborned moon lord destroyed the village and its villagers completely.
    The eye sometimes spent time at the evil biome, absorbing the power of it, and even managed to create some evil ore by itself, boosting its power.
    The eye might not be the absolute strongest thing in the world, but it is still one of them, and should be fought with caution.
  7. The Snow Hat Hero

    The Snow Hat Hero Terrarian

    Can we have more? These are really interesting, thanks for doing this!
  8. Godley

    Godley Terrarian


    Few know of the connection between the curse of shadow flame and the terrifying skeletron, and those who does keeps it a secret for a mysterious reason...

    many years ago, the young clothier was brought up in a family of clothiers as the youngest son, but he wasn't interested in making clothes, rather, he was facinated by dark magic, especially dark magic of the most daring kind: shadowflame.

    The would-be clothier firmly believed that dark magic, however evil, can be used for a good purpose, and therefore experimented with it.
    however, at the time, there are not many good places to do so; the overworld often have foragers and hunters, who would definitely report a suspicious youngster practicing dark magic to the village chief, to get a portion of his hefty fine.
    The underground, especially the part where no ore is present, is relatively free of adventurers, but it comes with its own set of troubles: starving creatures of great power, that would pounce on him at the first chance.
    finally, he decided to experiment on the edge of the overworld corruption, as it was the only place that's free of adventures and have relatively flat ground to run on, if a monster was to chasing him.
    or so he thought.
    one day, on a trip to find some cobwebs for his family, he discovered a great ruin that seemed to be almost completely intact, with even books and functional furniture present, yet evidently untouched for decades.
    he took a few books on the shelves, as well as a still-burning candle that seemed to be made of water.
    when he made it to the village, he asked the elders about the place and the items found inside it, despite their great wisdom, none of them know what the languages he books were in, but a few recognized the water candle and its deadly power to attract monsters, and suggested the clothier to throw it away, or gave it to a hunter.
    however, almost all the elders recognized the ruin, now known as the dungeon, and begged the young clothier to not return to that place.
    they told him about the skeletons that occasionally crawls out of there, and how none who had gone down there lived to tell the tale.
    most of all, they talked of the great lunar curse, a mysterious 'thing' that supposedly slayed those who gone down there.
    but none of them know what this lunar curse that killed even the mightiest warrior is, making the young clothier more and more curious about it.
    that danger, in fact, is no more than a very thick cloud of magic made of all sorts of dark magic, a vessel to communicate with his remaining followers, created when the lord saw his approaching death.
    the void is also the reason the dungeon was built in the first place, to stop it from currupting and taking control of the people of terraria, which it did before getting sealed.
    however, the young clothier doesn't know that yet...
    (to be continued when 3 new comments come)
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  9. The Snow Hat Hero

    The Snow Hat Hero Terrarian

    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 27, 2019, Original Post Date: Feb 27, 2019 ---
    What is your favorite mini game server?
    Also, what class do you like best?
  10. Godley

    Godley Terrarian

  11. The Snow Hat Hero

    The Snow Hat Hero Terrarian

    I go mage so far(at time of this post, hardmode mining pre mech boss, first playthrough).
    I’ll try melee for next playthorugh!
  12. Godley

    Godley Terrarian

    Ahh, mage is hard to start but easy to continue.
    I’ve yet to try it for a full run.
  13. Foraging Slime

    Foraging Slime Eater of Worlds

    That's more than 3 comments.