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Terraria: Derpified

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The Floof

Skeletron Prime
Terraria: Derpified
The creation that hopes to exist.
(Note: This currently isn't a mod you can download and work hasn't been put into coding it. I might ask for help if and when I start coding it, but other than that this will be a project by me.)

Table of Contents
- The Idea
- The Derpling Infection

The Biome - NPCs (WIP) - Items (WIP) - Bosses (WIP)
- Non-infection Content
Currently WIP.


The Idea
I have made a lot of derplings. Too many, in fact, to not do something with them. If you wonder how much is a lot, I probably have over 30, and that amount is only increasing as time passes. The idea for this mod came to me one night while thinking, and I added a bit more from there. If and when I make this a mod, it will not only have derplings, but a bunch of other items that I want to add, whether they be from future suggestions or just random ideas. I know many people have wanted a mod with these, and this does that. I'm planning for this to be a very different mod, with the main content being more horror-based than most things in terraria. I also plan for it to be good and unique, while still keeping some feel of terraria. I'm planning on most enemies I make to have unique AI, most items I add to be viable in some way, unless that means adding even more clutter, where I just wouldn't add it or adjust it to work better. This is going to have some really bad balance at the start. I don't know how to balance that, so I hope others can help me get that working well. This section has gone on long enough, so lets get to the meat of this mod.

And now it's time for everyone's favorite thing: spoilers!


The Infection
This is where the main focus of the mod will belong. Makes sense, as the mod is named after this.

The Biome
As I said before, I was really planning on this being a creepy biome. Something that will make you always fear derplings, or something like that. I've had a lot of ideas to set this through, and I just have to hope my words can describe the pictures in my head. First off, everything's going to looked amalgamated, writhing, or in pain. This can really help set the mood with it, as you can really see how bad it is, and gives you the feeling that you're on a living being. When in the underground, light will be less effective and everything will look darker. The background elements, such as stalactites and stalagmites, will have been replaced with derpling masses. They won't be animated, but the stalactites and stalagmites would be derpling legs, feet, and whatever the thing is called at their mouths. The thing on their head would also be one of the background objects.

This is where the real meat of this biome comes in here. This is meant to feel like a very bad infection, as it can take over almost everything. While in the biome without protective armor/accessories, your screen will slowly start to get darker. If you leave the biome before your screen becomes black, it'll get brighter again and everything will be fine. However, if you stay within the biome for too long, bad things start to happen. It should take around a minute inside the biome for this to happen, so you have plenty of time to get out. After 30 seconds in the biome, your movement will slow down, and will slow down more and more every 5 seconds. After a full minute, your character will stop (and teleport to the middle of the nearest two blocks). The land mass below you will grab your legs and slowly climb up your character whilst derpling noises sound in the background. Once they cover your entire player model, it will hesitate for a second, before pulling what once was your character into itself, killing you. No special events happen after this, other than the fact that there might be a different background element where you died, and a special, derpified grave. You can't take damage during this cutscene.
Hostile NPCs
There are currently very few of these, but as I add more amalgamated derplings, I'll add more of these.
Derpling Mimic
(Found in the Derpling Depths)

Everyone who knows about this knew it would be included. Why wouldn't it? It's the creepiest thing I've made by far.
Behavior: Once it spots you, you'll hear a screech sound effect (specifically Roar_2 but maybe a bit worse and more derpling like) and it will start charging at you. If there is a direct horizontal path towards you, it will runt towards you very fast. If there is not an easy horizontal path towards you, it will instead jump towards you with the derpling AI.
Drops: -WIP

(Found in the surface)

The actual animation for this will be better, looking more like an angry tumbler's movement, where the legs circle the head as the head stays stationary, or the whole creature rotates as one.

Behavior: Literally just an angry tumbler. Guess I throw that "unique AI" thing out the window, huh? I might think of something better later.
Drops: -WIP

Derpcore Child
(Found in the Derpling Depths and summoned by Derpcore)
Derpcore Child.gif

These will appear more often the closer you are to the Derpcore.
Behavior: Will float towards you and throw the orbs around it at you, being able to handle up to 5 at once. These can be shot out in quick succession, or every few seconds. Once killed, they will disperse, flying in the direction their momentum would take them
Drops: -WIP

More to come soon!

Friendly NPCs
The Derpcore
(Found at the root of the infection)
Derpling Core.gif

Behavior: -WIP (I don't have time to think of this currently. I'm really sorry :T)
Drops: -WIP


Non-Infection Content
Less of the focus will be here, but there will still be a hefty chunk of content to put here.



And that's basically it. I'm really sorry about how incomplete this is, but I just don't have too much content that works for what I'm planning, currently. I do plan to update this more as I get more ideas, and put it some of my other ideas that I haven't implemented yet.
  • 9/16/2020: Made the biome spooky
  • 9/15/2020: Thread posted​
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Pigman Δ

*sees Derpling Core and Derpcore Child*
this mod has a bright future
You might want to change Derpcore's sprite tho, to remove that shield-thing.

The Floof

Skeletron Prime
I couldn't find the mod section, actually. I thought this was it?

-Edit: I found it. should I just @ a moderator to get their attention?

Unit One

Staff member
Very cool sprites, can't wait. Shouldn't this be in the mods section though?
I couldn't find the mod section, actually. I thought this was it?

-Edit: I found it. should I just @ a moderator to get their attention?
It’s been moved. :) In the future if you see a thread that might be in the wrong section, the best thing is to use the Report button and let the forum staff know the thread might be in the wrong spot. That way you can keep the thread free from “is this in the wrong spot” clutter, and you won’t have to wait on a particular staff member. Thanks for keeping the forums organized guys. `:) Good luck with the mod.
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