Texture Pack Terraria dimensional - A Texture pack that makes all weapons into series references

A Fungal Eye

Official Terrarian
Terraria dimensional

(name subject to change if there are other stuff with the same name)

This Texture pack aims to make every single weapon Into a reference from games/anime/manga/comics/etc
I may not be the best spriter and these are mostly for fun and obviously it's still a work in progress

Ever wanted to shot a cursed dart with a nerf gun or swing aegislash from pokemon or even having an army of baby metroids and scissors?
Capture 2021-03-31 20_47_22.png
Capture 2021-03-31 20_51_32.png
Capture 2021-03-31 20_49_02.png

There are many more sprites and references to come
1.0 - Includes changes to Water bolt, Wooden Boomerang,Gladius , finch staff , Demon/Crimtane bows , Dart Gun/Rifle and some more

Download link
For now it is on workshop but listed at "Only Friends" visibility and due to an error i cant change the visibility​
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