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WIP Terraria Dimensions

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Eye of Cthulhu
Notice! This is a draft!
Suggestions and sprites are appreciated.
At some point in the Game's progression, you look to the stars and wonder. Later when you have unlocked the secret of flight, you take to the sky...
And are disappointed. With version 3.1 looming over our heads, followed by the ensuing Lunar Events and insane Martians, you would think that perhaps these beings came from somewhere, yet Space remains stoically empty. This gap, as many before and after I shall attempt to fill, is the only loose bolt in an airtight game. This is a complex solution, and I apologize for the lack of sprites.

Anything in pink is expert mode only.
100% drop chance
90% drop chance
80% drop chance
70% drop chance
60% drop chance
50% drop chance
40% drop chance
30% drop chance
20% drop chance
10% drop chance

The Companions of Terraria
Those whom are familiar with TEdit know that the world that our characters can interact with is somewhat smaller than the actual map size. This could be exploited to the developers advantage, in a way that will soon become clear. During world generation, the limits of the world are created. But what if there where four specialized areas at the top of the world that acted as teleporters to spaces outside of the current map limits. Each would lead to special biomes tied to each of the lunar towers. This could be simply achieved, via creating small maps just outside the main world. The Biome below the Underworld corresponds with the Solar tower, the zone above Space dealing with the Stardust Pillar. The Nebula biome spawns on the side of the jungle, facing the Vortex. Whilst the portals have always been there, the celestial creatures within are more than a match for the unprepared. You are able to discern when a portal is near by a very translucent version of the analogous pillar background being overlaid onto the typical Space background.

The biome of each Pillar contains within all enemies that it has during the event, except the lunar pillar.
Each enemy listed here, unless otherwise noted, drops exactly one gold.

Biome debuff
Heavy Gravity
Reduces jump height, and halves wing flight time.

The Solar is a battlefield, where seemingly endless hordes of monsters would spell your doom. Hindering you are lakes of lava and constant meteor showers (Per meteor: 150(200) dmg. The terrain is rarely flat and is deeply scarred, with many short caves leading steeply down. It radiates an intense heat, preventing life regeneration while in contact, and for 25(30) seconds afterward. The ground is littered with charred skeletons, remnants of failed adventurers. Its animated background shows erupting volcanoes, lava flows and meteor showers.

Background and Music

Its animated background shows erupting volcanoes, lava flows and meteor showers. The Music resembles the Lunar boss theme, but sounds harsher. It adds low percussion, and strengthens the electric guitar part.


Magmatic being
Description: The Magmatic Being appears to be made of molten stone. It emits a slight reddish-orange glow. The Magmatic Being is four blocks tall.
Behavior: Magmatic beings fiercely defend their spawn-pool, and refuse to go further than fifteen(twenty) blocks from it. When fully submerged in lava, Magmatic Beings regain health at a rate of five HP per second. It is moderately fast. Magmatic Beings will otherwise act like a fighter AI.

Damage: 200 / 400
HP: 1300 / 2600
Defense: 64
Spawn: Magmatic Beings spawn in the pools of lava.

Description: A Butcherblaze appears to be a blazing spider with two flaming forelimbs, and the head an torso of a Selenian.
Behavior: Similar to a spider's, but Butcherblazes retreat for two seconds after striking. Unlike many enemies, Butcherblazes can only deal damage on contact with their front half.
Damage: 80 / 160
HP: 800 / 1600
Defense: 30
Spawn: Butcherblazes spawn in dark places, in front of a wall.

Char Horror
Description: Char Horrors are flame-bright insectoids, with a pair of horns beneath its chin.
Behavior: Char Horrors act just like a basilisk, but can carry and transport up to two Selenians. While the selenians are on the back of the char horror, they are invincible, with the horror taking damage for them.
Damage: 90 / 180
HP: 1000 / 2000
Defense: 80

Spawn: Off screen, surface.

Items and Recipes
Bio-construct @ Gene Splicer
Bio-samples (40)
Chitin (20)
Fiery Eyeballs (6)

Description: Very fast ground-based mount. Can charge like a unicorn mount, but does so in 1/5 of the time. It also deals 3 times as much damage(4 times). The mount looks like a dark green version of the Basilisk, but has four extra eyes, six limbs and spines.

Chitin-scale Armour @ Loom
--Recipe (Mask)--
Any Thread (15)
Chitin (15)
Any Thread (25)
Chitin (40)
--Recipe (Greaves)
Any Thread (10)
Chitin (25)
Description: A mobile fortress, the Chitin-scale armour buffs damage and defense to incredible levels. The Mask gives 45 defense, the Breastplate 55, and the Greaves give 50. Set bonus: +50% melee critical strike chance. Set effect: Crunch sound when hurt and you are followed by an insect swarm. The armour looks like a dull gray praying mantis, except on two legs.

Carapace Bulwark
Chitin (60)
Description: Made from the strongest fragments of chitin, the Carapace Bulwark adds defense in exchange for mobility. The Bulwark gives defense, based on the speed at which you are moving. The slower you are, the more defense it gives, with 40 defense while standing still. When moving faster than 40 mph, it will reduce defense. Formula: 40 - player speed = defense. (No negatives)

Everlasting flare
Fiery Eyeball (1)
Red /Blue flare (10)
Note: Makes ten
Description: A everlasting flare. Lights double that of a standard torch. Used with a Flare Gun.

Biotech armour
--Recipe (Faceplate)--
Bio-Samples (25)
Any Hardmode helmet
--Recipe (cloak)--
Bio-Samples (40)
Any Cloak / Cape
--Recipe (Boots)--
Bio-Samples (35)
Old Shoe (1)
Description: A masterpiece of technology, the recipe can only be produced when you have spoken to "The Alien" NPC. The armour is alive, and can be destroyed by damage. It does not provide any armour, instead, it has a HP value equal to 75% of the players life. This regenerates at a rate of two HP per second. Aside from that drawback, the Biotech armour gives fantastic speed (80 / 160) mph and the ability to fly infinitely. The Faceplate gives a +30% bonus to melee damage, the Cloak gives a 40% lifesteal ability with all melee weapons and the Boots allow enemy stomping. When the full set has been equipped, the status message: "The Armour bonds with your Flesh" appears.

Gene Splicer
Bio-Samples (15)
Luminite Bars (20)
Description: It looks like a Flesh Cloning vat, only taller, and with the liquid inside being green. Has a 1/5 chance per day to spawn a Mutant

Mutant stats:
Hp: 50
Damage: 100
Inflicts Venom and Bleeding for 20 seconds
KB: Average
AI: Fighter

Piston @ Autohammer
Oil Droplets (40)
Mythril / Orichalcum Bars (5)

Mecha Walker @ Alien Technoforge
Mecha Blueprint (1)
Glass wall (20)
Fuel Cells (6)
Oil Droplets (50)
Pistons (4)
Description: A forward leaning walker, with two legs and a glass dome atop it all. When enemies are near, the walker fires a single rocket from the launcher, reloading every five seconds. The mech has incredible jumping power, however it cannot fly. On flat ground, the Mecha Walker can reach a speed of 120 mph over three seconds. (+40 mph per second, caps at 120)

Solarite Bars @ Adamantite Forge / Titanium Forge
Solarite ore (5) or Solar Slag (10)

Slag block @ Mythril Anvil / Orichalcum Anvil
Solar Slag (2)

Doom Lance @ lava
Smooth Obsidian (50)
Solar Core (5)
Description: Very long lance, dealing one-quarter of total health + 50 damage. Low KB. Inflicts Debuff: Doomed. When a enemy/ player is "Doomed" a small black vortex will appear above them. Their movement speed will be halved, their health and mana are also reduced by half.

Obsidian idol @ lava
Smooth Obsidian (20)
Soul of Night (10)
Description: Summons Fenrir. Only usable in the Solar.

Obsidian shard (10) @ if hammer in inventory
Smooth Obsidian (1)

Obsidian Golem @ Alien Technoforge
Smooth Obsidian (300)
Solar Core (5)
Ectoplasm (10)
Description: Resembles a Magmatic Being, but without the glow effect. Creates a faithful minion that will fight for you. However this is not really a minion, as it does not add to the minion count, can deal critical hits, and can be destroyed. It has 300 (400) HP, a critical strike chance of 10% and deals 50/70 contact dmg (40/50 with its heat ray). Note: The Obsidian Golem is incapable of flying.

Sunsplitter @ Mythril Anvil / Orichalcum Anvil
Solarite Bars (20)
Solar Core (1)
Description: An Axe of unimaginable power. Can be turned and swung, dealing damage equal to one-half (three-quarters) of your current health (rounding up). (Autoswings)

Sun's Chestpiece @ Dimensional forge
Solarite Bars (40)
Smooth Obsidian (60)
Solar core (8)
Description: The First part of the Sun's set. It provides 35 defense and a 20% increase in melee speed, a 10% increase in critical strike chance as well as the effects of a thorns potion. Those who wear the Sun's Chestpiece appear to have been set ablaze, their torso, at least.

Helm of Sol @ Dimensional forge
Solarite Bars (25)
Smooth Obsidian (30)
Solar core (4)
Description: Looks like blazing crown (Think Nazgul style). While worn, the wearer gains the night owl potion's effects, a quarter health heal when the player would die. This effect can only used once per day. They also gain 30 defense, with an extra 10 when the resurrection effect has occurred within 30 seconds.

Dawn @ Mythril Anvil / Orichalcum Anvil
Solarite bars (18)
Solar cores (5)
Description: Think of the Fiery Greatsword, then increase its size to 150% of the Breaker Blade. It will always inflict Broken Armour and On Fire. It has insane KB and 180 (240) damage.

Aurora @ Mythril Anvil / Orichalcum Anvil
Souls of flight (30)
Solar Cores (8)
Solarite Bars (10)
Description: A high end boomerang. Does not have to touch an enemy to deal damage. A orange-red haze surrounds the boomerang, setting enemies aflame. It also deals a basic 50 damage each second to enemies in its aurora. Median velocity and KB (from the boomerang itself). The actual boomerang deals only 40 damage.

Solar core @ Dimensional forge
Solar slag (20)
Solarian bricks (20)
Solarite Bars (15)

Burnt wood @ Any Furnace
Char Block (1)

Charred wall (4) @ Workbench
Burnt Wood

Char furniture @ Sawmill / workbench / loom
Char wood (x)

Solarian brick (10) @ Any Furnace
Solarite Ore (4)
Stone (10)

The Great Wolf, Death's harbinger and the Demon Wolf are all names that Fenrir is called by. He is the dark twin of Terraria, born the moment Time began. He is a spirit of destruction, delighting in the pain of others.
HP: 314,151,926
KBR: 100%
KB: Very heavy

Attack sequence

1. Leaps into the air, and pounces on player
2. Runs along the ground, leaving lava in pools
3. Summons three Sun Spirits, which drop hearts and mana stars
4. (Expert mode) Spawns an illusion of himself, with a slightly transparent sprite. This damages the player for 1/2 of damage dealt to the illusion.

Fenrir mask ----- 15%
Claw of Fenrir ----- 25%
Wrath of Fenrir ----- 10%
Fenrir's Paw ----- 25%
Solar Bolt ----- 10%
The Wolf's Clothes
(random piece) ----- 16.5%
Wolf Breaker ----- 100%

Drop Descriptions:
Claw of Fenrir
Damage: 265
Knockback: Strong
AI: Broadsword
Notes: If the Claw of Fenrir hits nothing, it creates a 133 damage shockwave in the direction of the cursor.
Description: A massive curved claw.

Wrath of Fenrir
Knockback: Increases all knockback to Very Strong
AI: Doubles all damage you deal.
Description: Accessory. Gives the screen a strong red tint.

Fenrir's Paw
Damage: 45/ half second
Description: Grappling hook. Can grapple and move enemies around, within 6 blocks of the player.

Solar Bolt
Base Damage: 100
Knockback: Average
AI: Repeater
Description: Reduces defense of target on hit by 90%, fires arrows in three shot bursts, but all with slightly different trajectories.

Wolf Breaker
Damage: 314
Knockback: Average
Use time: very fast
AI: Broadsword
Description: The Breaker Blade, but better!

unfinished below this line=-=====================-=======================-


Biome Debuff

Movement Speed decreased (40%?)


The Stardust is a beautiful place, but for the swarms. The ground is not your foe, instead, it is home to burrows, with tiny monsters inside. The terrain is wide and flat, allowing the monsters easy prey. Stars fall from the sky, bursting open to reveal monsters within.

Background and music
The background depicts twinkling stars, with the occasional comet. The music is soft, reorchestrated to include piano and clarinet. It is much slower than the other lunar biomes, but is the same song.


Behavior: Warpers are stationary, and create 1-3 50 (100) HP portals randomly around the screen. These portals spawn a random Stardust-pillar enemy every 3-10 seconds.
Damage: N/A
HP: 150000
Defense: 70
Spawns: From fallen stars


Celestial Set (accessory)

Staff of the watcher @ Arcane symbol

Portal to the dimension created using fragmented gems and a portal statue
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