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Orion The Boundary Ryu

Skeletron Prime
Welcome To The Thread.
Me and hopefully other people will make a big tmodloader mod for those that either cant use tapi or just like tmodloader better than any other modloader.
If you would help with mod (please do) message me.

Explosive Slime
Flesh Crawler
Amethyst Armour
Corrupted Knives
Durasteel Bow
Stone Shortsword
Waterbeam Staff
Powered Waterbeam Staff
"Friendliness Petals"
Durasteel Bar
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I'm a little confused on how a Thunder and Lighting mod could be "huge" unless thunder and lighting is saying more than just adding a cosmetic effect to rain.

Orion The Boundary Ryu

Skeletron Prime
Spoiler #2


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Skeletron Prime
Maybe use a little bit more time on sprites cus it doesn't look like something really awesome.
You should make that ''True arkhalis'' look a little more like shadow crimson.
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