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The Terraria Flag Randomizer

What does this mod do?
This mod attempts to change the default Terraria experience by shuffling game progression around the world, similar to randomizer mods for other popular games.​

How does this work?
So far, the only flags randomized are Skeletron, Hardmode, the Mechanical Bosses, Plantera, and Golem. These flags have also been removed from their respective bosses (so killing Skeletron won't give you access to the Dungeon until you find its flag, for example).​
These flags are then scattered between all the bosses and a few minibosses, defeating them will reward you with the flag, alongside their normal rewards.​
Bosses that don't have a flag as a reward will drop a Progressive Loot Bag, which contains helpful items based on which flags you got, to help make things a bit smoother.​
The randomization is also based on the world seed, so different worlds will have different playthroughs, and you can race people by using the same seed.​
Through the Mod Browser, or on the mod's Steam Workshop page.​
Currently, the locations a reward can appear in are:​
  • All bosses (including bosses from the Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon but excluding Moon Lord)
  • Mothron
  • Hallowed Mimic
  • Corruption Mimic
  • Crimson Mimic
The world behaves as if it was the Drunk Worldgen seed, so both Crimson and Corruption generate, and the active world evil switches every in-game day.​
Starting Hardmode will drop a Pwnhammer and a Molten Pickaxe (or Pickaxe Axe/Drax it the Mechanical Bosses flag was activated), so you can obtain hardmode ores.​
Similarly, getting the Mechanical Bosses flag will drop a Pickaxe Axe or Drax if Hardmode is active.​
Getting the Plantera flag will drop a Temple Key if Hardmode is active, allowing access to the Temple. If Hardmode isn't active, the key will drop upon activating Hardmode.​
If you're stuck, the game generates a spoiler log listing every location in the same folder as the world.​
  • Randomize the rest of the flags
  • Add more checks (Invasion events, Town NPCs moving in, and maybe others)
  • Chestsanity Mode (Adds checks to chests across the world)
  • Traps (Some non-required checks might have an unexpected surprise...)
  • Improve the logic so that seeds can always be beaten, and will be more varied
  • Settings to allow players to configure how the randomizer works
  • Plandomizer??
  • Support for content mods, maybe???
Update History
Release date: September 11, 2022
New features:
  • Added a new generator option: Progressive Flags (turn it on in the mod settings before generating a world)
    • Progressive flags turns the major world-altering flags (in this version, all of them) into a Progressive Flag reward
    • The Progressive Flag reward gives you the next flag you're supposed to get, in the order of vanilla progression (so you'll always get Skeletron first, then Hardmode, etc)
    • Old seeds are still compatible with this version, and work as if Progressive Flags was turned off
  • Added proper sprites for all loot bags
  • Adjusted the requirements for some bosses, to allow for a more smooth experience:
    • Skeletron Prime's check now requires Skeletron to be defeated, due to the requirement of Bones for crafting the Mechanical Skull.
Released to preview on July 26, 2022
I seem to have misplaced 0.1.3, don't worry about it.
Updated the code to match API changes from the 1.4 preview branch
Corrected some additional typos that led to incorrect loot bag drops
Adjusted the items dropped by loot bags:
  • Explosive Trap Rod moved from Post-Mechanical Bosses bags to its proper place in Pre-Skeletron bags
  • Added Chlorophyte Partisan to the Post-Mechanical Bosses weapons pool
  • Added Terraprisma to the Post-Golem weapons pool, in addition to the Post-Plantera pool
  • Added Scaly Truffle to the pool of Expert items
Release date: July 8, 2022
Fixed an error that caused loot bags to not be consumed upon being used, and not drop all the items it was supposed to
Corrected several typos that led to incorrect loot bag drops
Adjusted the items dropped by loot bags:
  • Added Demon Heart, Mechanical Cart, and Suspicious-Looking Tentacle to the pool of Expert items
  • Pearlwood Bow removed from Hardmode Weapons (it is now only a Junk item)
  • Sleepy Octopod moved from Pre-Skeletron Weapons to Post-Mechanical Boss Weapons
  • Zombie Arm moved from Post-Skeletron Weapons to Pre-Skeletron Weapons
Fixed an error where getting the Skeletron flag in Hardmode would cause the "Cultists have appeared" text to show up, despite Golem's flag not being active
Removed test items/commands
Added link to the Terraria Forums thread as homepage
Release date: July 6, 2022
Fixed a bug with the randomizer not resetting between generations, causing the same seed to be different the second time over
Fixed a bug with the spoiler log not correctly showing the correct world evil
Release date: July 6, 2022
Initial release

NOTE: This is still a work-in-progress, so there may be bugs, and the logic may generate unbeatable seeds. If that happens, let me know.
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