tModLoader Terraria freezes when using tModLoader

Discussion in 'General Mod Discussion' started by ecks dee, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. ecks dee

    ecks dee Terrarian

    Hello! I've recently started trying to play Terraria again, so I decided to download tModLoader to get some mods. I managed to play a whole day since I didn't close Terraria and then went to bed. The next day i tried playing again, but my game would quickly start freezing and become unplayable.

    I've tried multiple fixes such as turning off all my mods, turning off multicore lighting, using the Terraria 4gb patch and running Terraria as administrator.

    I haven't encountered any other fixes and haven't seen anyone type about such an issue.

    I'm using the latest recommended tModLoader version ( straight from the main site.

    Any new suggestions would be greatly appreciated!