Terraria General Guide: Creating Artificial Biomes

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Making Artificial Biomes Has it's plethora of uses...
but how exactly do you make them?

Thank everyone for my ever growing support, it's insane!
-luv TerraFrost

Help Me Grow My Channel :p

i'd like to see easiest way to kill EOC! for the beginners out there like meh!
Sure! I'll try to make that video as soon as I can, but for now it seems that I am going to work on the Mechanical Bosses, or I might as well just go through all of Terraria's Bosses in order, I'm not even sure at this point!
No problem, I'm sure there are people who will want to help. I would too: personally I'd like to see the builds from the thread http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/simple-building-tips-and-tricks.12588/ to be put online as video tutorials. Especially the wiring stuff, since I haven't done that much with it.
Sounds Like an awesome idea for some video(s)! Thank you, and sorry about earlier :p
I was actually just recently looking at that thread and thought it was pretty cool so this should be fun :p
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