Terraria Graphic Novel Series - Issue 3 Orders Now Open!


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Greetings, Terrarians!

We are back again - this time with the juicy details around the release of Issue 3 of the Terraria Graphic Novel Series! Issue 3 is all about the journey and getting to know some of our party of heroes a bit better - just as our friends are doing the same as they enjoy a quick meal while camped out at an oasis. In case you missed our earlier announcement about the series as a whole, you can check out those details HERE, and you can still get your orders in for the initial shipment of Issue Two for a little bit longer (details below - but don't fret if you miss the first shipment or if you missed out on Issue One, see here for details!). Our team is once again thrilled with the packages that 50 Amp Productions has put together in support of the Graphic Novel rollout - and we hope you will feel the same way!

Terraria Cover 03.jpg
As a reminder, we are planning to roll out Issues 1-4 (Book One) over the next few months, followed by a full Book One release to book sellers/retailers in Q1 2023. We also plan to make physical copies of the complete Book One available for direct purchase. Book One will contain all of the first four issues along with a few other goodies (still TBD, but think concept art and other "making of" work, stuff like that). All orders can be placed on the 50 Amp Productions Website - click the cover above to check it out!



There seems to be a little confusion regarding the ordering window and our “cut-off date.” So we wanted to offer a little clarification.

The term, “cut-off,” does not mean that after that date, you will not be able to place an order. We intend for these items to remain available well after those dates. The ordering window is to ensure that we have your item in-stock and ready to ship during our initial shipping windows. Should we sell out, you will still be able to get the items, but there will likely be a delay as we must reorder at the manufacturers.

As shipping has not yet begun for issue 1&2 boxes, if you see the reveal of the issue 3 items and would like to amend your order, please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help you. It is very important to us that fans are satisfied and are able to ensure their orders are complete and correct.

We also wanted to take a moment to thank you all for supporting this project. We consider ourselves lucky to work with Re-Logic on this and to be able to offer these books and collectibles to you, the fans. We will be throwing some fun extra goodies into every order from Copper to Platinum as a thank you.


Now, on to the details!


Issue 1: Orders Open - August 11 --- Orders for Initial Shipment Close - September 12

Issue 2: Reveal Date - September 1 --- Orders for Initial Shipment Close - October 3
Issue 3: Reveal Date - September 22 --- Orders for Initial Shipment Close - October 24
Issue 4: Reveal Date - October 13 --- Orders for Initial Shipment - November 14


Issue 1 – Initial Shipment in October
Issue 2 – Initial Shipment in late October
Issue 3 – Initial Shipment in mid-November

Issue 4 - Initial Shipment in mid-December

We do not expect to run into any delivery issues, but there is always the potential for issues beyond our control.
50 Amp Productions are committed to communicating with the fans if any issue arises.



Speaking of shipping, we know our international fans have sometimes run into some very high shipping costs (these are strictly pass-through costs based on whatever the shipping company is charging 50 Amp). We have been chasing down a variety of solutions to help bring these costs down, and we can at long last announce that we have found a way.

We have entered into a partnership which will allow us to offer another shipping option for our non-American customers. The short version is that by shipping international orders from our partner's European hub rather than our US-based warehouses, there is a good chance that we can cut all non-US shipping costs - often substantially.

Starting with our second issue on, we can provide this option to you! In addition, for Issues 2, 3, 4, and for our bundles - if you have already placed an order, we will be looking to see if this new option will save you money. If it will/does, we will be refunding the difference to the method of payment you used to make the purchase. Please be patient with us on this, as it could take us several days to process all of this, as we have to do the differences in shipping costs and refunds by hand. We will contact you afterwards if you should expect to see a refund.

Unfortunately, because we have already placed our orders with our manufacturers for issue 1 and the materials are all already at or en route to our American warehouse, we will have to utilize the initial shipping methods and costs - so we sadly cannot offer this option for issue 1.

We feel like this will allow us to help a lot of you save money, so we are very glad that we could find a way to make this happen, and we are SUPER appreciative of our partner in helping to make this a reality. Once we have this good and established, we should have this in place as our solution in the future.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize that the solution took a little bit to lock down!



We are still taking orders for the initial shipment of the second issue of the Terraria Graphic Novel. In case you missed the news or you just decided after seeing Issue Two's cover that you are all in, we have you covered.

Check out the details around Issue Two by clicking the banner below!

Terraria Cover 2 cover.jpg

Missed the order window for the first shipment of Issue One? No worries, when we have information around future shipments, we will let you know - for now, if you are interested, please contact us at [email protected] so that we can get back in touch with you as we have updates.



We hope you have enjoyed seeing the packages for Issues One and Two, and we are back again with a variety of packages for Issue Three that we think provides something for everyone. If you just want Issue 3 and that's it, we have that for you - or if you want to delve deeper and pick up some really cool Terraria collectibles, that is available as well. Similar packages with different items will be available for each issue release. We are using the order windows above in order to ensure our ability to ship by a certain date. Fans are free to order packages for all four issues at any time - if you know you want all four and want to be sure that you do not miss out - but the covers and packages themselves will be revealed via the timeline above.

Here's what you get for Issue Three! Clicking any package name or the package banner above it will take you to the Order page for Issue Three.

issue 03 copper tcf.jpg
COPPER - $4.99
A print copy of Terraria: Issue Three

issue 03 silver tcf.jpg
SILVER - $14.99
A print copy of Terraria: Issue Three
Regular Trading Card (Giant Worm)
18x24 Issue 3 Cover Poster
4 Unique 3-4 inch Stickers featuring characters and enemies from the Graphic Novel
Giant Worm Magnet

issue 03 Gold tcf.jpg
GOLD - $24.99
A print copy of Terraria: Issue Three
Regular Trading Card (Giant Worm)
Metal Trading Card (Giant Worm)
18x24 Issue 3 Cover Poster
4 Unique 3-4 inch Stickers featuring characters and enemies from the Graphic Novel
Giant Worm Magnet
Terraria Gold Metal Challenge Coin w/Coin Protector

issue 03 platinum tcf.jpg
PLATINUM - $49.99
A print copy of Terraria: Issue Three
A second copy of Terraria: Issue Three with a Foil/Embossed special edition cover
Regular Trading Card (Giant Worm)
Metal Trading Card (Giant Worm)
Special Edition Trading Card (Helen, the Nurse)
Metal Special Edition Trading Card (Helen, the Nurse)
2 18x24 Issue 3 Cover Posters
Two sets of 4 Unique 3-4 inch Stickers featuring characters and enemies from the Graphic Novel
Two Giant Worm Magnets
Two Terraria Gold Metal Challenge Coins w/Coin Protectors

Platinum will also come with a certificate of authenticity for the special collector's edition items.

All package prices do not include shipping costs, which will vary based on shipping location, etc. as a pass-through cost to the customer. For anyone looking to save on shipping costs, we are offering the option to either ship each package one at a time or to hold them all and ship them all at once. So, if you ordered Issues 1-4, we can either send them out each month or as one big box all at the end to help cut down on costs (but you will have to wait!).


That's it for now, Terrarians! Get your orders in now for Issue Three (and Issue Two while there is still time) and mark your calendars for the big reveal of the final part of Book One, Issue 4! We will answer any questions that you may have - and that we are able to answer.

We here at Re-Logic are really excited about this project and we personally enjoy how it has all turned out. We hope you agree!

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I might need to leave Pokemon gen 9 for christmas so I can be sure about having enough money for the full set of book 1...


This. This is the most adorable depiction of the bunny pet I have EVER seen.
Is the 4 issue bundle 4 of volume 3 or 1 all of them? either way i got all 3 of the current platinum bundles ordered separately but i did the 4 bundle on volume 1 and was curious if i got 4 of volume 1 because if i did ill just have to spread the books i got with friends
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