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Terraria graphic

Discussion in 'Terraria: Otherworld Suggestions & Ideas' started by R012, Nov 8, 2017.


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  1. Pixel Graphic

  2. Better Graphic(not pixelated)

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  1. R012

    R012 Terrarian

    Will the new terraria graphic will be a bit pixel?I played terraria because i love pixel games judging the screen shot of Terraria OW they reduced the pixel graphic,I thought that terraria is special because of the pixel graphics and gameplay.

    Will they remove the pixel graphic completely or will they keep it?
  2. Poro Shin

    Poro Shin Steampunker

    I'm really into pixelated graphics too,but i think they will make the graphics smoother,and,i don't see as a bad thing,i do like a lot how terraria ow screenshots look like,i mean,the blocks will continue existing but the graphic will continue being pixelated,but with a higher resolution.
  3. KiraSama

    KiraSama Terrarian

    I think need continue with the pixel graphics, but better, i think need pgrade a bit the graphics, a good example is Starbound, the graphics need be a bit how Starbound ;)
  4. SteelStar7

    SteelStar7 Terrarian

    I think a great thing would be to have the graphics of Grand Theft Auto 5... Why not ? :p