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WIP Terraria Historia


Empress of Light
Today I'm finally bringing to the public a lore continuity. I've been running ideas through my head for a long time now, and after trying to go through the TCT lore branch to get lore out there, and the TCT failing to bring that anywhere, I'm just going to post here and see how that goes. This will be a work-in-progress thread as I write these lore pieces and post them here.


Empress of Light

Universe Creation + The Gods and Titans​

Before the universe existed there was a being that was all there was. Being lonely, this being created personalities in its mind to have conversations with. Eventually, this being died and its body contracted into a tight point then exploded out its remnants causing the big bang. Something strange happened though, as within the swirling chaos of the beings physical remnants, the personalities it invented in its mind manifested into real, physical beings.

These beings had different ideals, and split into two factions, the Gods and the Titans.
The Gods wanted order and balance within the universe. They wanted some tangible law of how the universe should behave. The Titans however just wanted it to remain chaotic and lawless. The two factions of beings were equally strong though the Gods won, gaining access to more cosmic power and gaining control over the universe.
The Gods and Titans ruled over different opposing concepts and fought each other during the war.
the god of freedom vs. the titan of captivity
the god of peace vs. the titan of war
the god of life vs. the titan of death
the god of light vs the titan of dark
the god of equality vs the titan of inequality
finally, the leader of the gods, the god of balance vs. the leader of the titans, the titan of chaos

The Gods knew both concepts needed to exist for there to be true balance, so the subdued their enemies rather than destroy them. The Titans also knew this so they desired to kill them.
As the universe expanded, it became difficult for the Gods and Titans to control their concepts across all of it, so they made weaker creations to share the responsibility of maintaining their respective concept across different regions in space. The Gods created the Minor Gods, and the Titans created the Titanlings.

In one particular region, the Minor Gods of that region noticed a strange, small volcanic planet that seemed to have some form of advanced life on it...


Empress of Light

The Planet Terraria​

The Minor Gods of some random region had come across a strange, small volcanic planet. They'd seen volcanic planets with life before, but they were usually rock-like creatures and often didn't last long. The life on this planet however, was actually a humanoid creature and an advance species with a real civilization. They were called the Demons.

The Demons had the appearance of this image. The leaders were said to be a darker red color.

While most of the members of the species were nomadic, their leaders called the Devils had towers made from the natural mineral of the planet, called Hellstone. The only other surviving species of the planet were the Imps, a cousin species to the Demons that were basically like pets. What was most interesting to the Minor Gods was the magical potential of the planets. Both the Demons and the Imps were capable of conjuring flames from thin-air. The Minor Gods wanted to use this planet as an experiment, and transform it into a lush planet full of diverse life and magic flowing through it. There was one major issue with the planet though, is that it seemed to be dying. The core would not be able to support the plans they had with the planet so the god of life for this region sparked the Flame of Life within the core of the planet. They began the construct the upper layers of the planet over the original, turning it into the mantle of the overall planet.

The Demon civilization
The Demons continued to live on as the world was built above them. They learned how to tap into the Flame of Life and use it for their magical power, over time forgetting how to conjure normal flame. Water would sometimes leak from above causing them to discover obsidian and they used it to built more towers for the upper class Demons to live in while the rest remained nomadic.

The Nymphs and Fae of the surface world
The Minor Gods left behind some magical beings to look over the planets. The four main ones were called the Nymphs, which are nature spirits that are connected to different elements of the planet. The Dyrads were the forest spirits and they lived in the Jungle, with their houses being underground within the dense jungle environment that was down there. They used Terra magic, which means they were able to conjure and manipulate plants like vines and trees, as well as dirt. The Djinns were the desert spirits and they lived in the desert, having been the ones who built the pyramids. They used Fire magic, which means they were able to conjure and manipulate fire. The Naiads were the water spirits and they lived in a city on the coast near the ocean, with the dungeon being the only evidence of this city. They used Water magic, which means they were able to conjure and manipulate water. The Angels were the air spirits and they lived in the Sky, with their cities being built on the planets mysterious floating islands. They used air magic, which means they were able to conjure wind by manipulating the air. Each type of Nymph faced horrible fates later on, which will be covered in a future document. Fae creatures were also created, but they weren't very important and had varying degrees of advancement, intelligence, and magical ability

The Slime Rains from the Minor Gods
The rest of natural, biological life come from slimes, which came from sludge rained down onto the planet. Slimes were and still are heavily adaptable creatures that have been able to survive in every environment on Terraria and have evolved into every other creature that exists today.
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Empress of Light

Cthulhu's Cosmic Conquest Part 1​

In the region of the universe that the planet Terraria resides in, the Titanling of war is a powerful being named Cthulhu. Cthulhu desired to take over as much as the universe as he could. With his cosmic power, he was able to summon an army of evil flying eyeballs to attack planets with. Individual eyes weren't very strong, but overwhelming in numbers. Cthulhu was able to conquer a decent amount of planets with this army, however after awhile it became clear that many planets would simply be too difficult to take over with just this eyeball army, so Cthulhu knew he needed to look for more forces that would be worthy of joining his army.

The Nebula Telepaths
Cthulhu knew to make the perfect soldier, they'd have to use his DNA, which would require genetic manipulation and experimentation which he was not capable of as he isn't very intelligent, mostly being brutish being a titanling of war and just a good strategist. The first force he looked for would be a civilization that was capable of these things. He did find one, a species of telepaths that have reached their own peak of evolution and have resorted to learning genetic manipulation.


Nebula Telepaths

In a desperate attempt to improve themselves somehow, but the DNA on their planet was limited and only resorted in horrific monstrosities like the evolution beasts and failed attempts at recreating themselves, the Nebula floaters.


Evolution Beast


Nebula Floater

Cthulhu approached this planet and attacked with his eyeball army, and they were struggling to fight off the heavy first wave but they managed to get through it. Then they noticed Cthulhu looming over the planet and they knew they needed his DNA. Now they knew what they were up against and they used their abilities to capture Cthulhu. Cthulhu wanted to make a deal with them, promising that in return for letting him go willingly, he would not destroy them and they would get some of his DNA to use as they please. However, they found this deal useless as since they already had him captured, they could just take his DNA anyways which they did. Finally, they were able to make the perfect versions of themselves, the Predictors.



There was one non-leading faction of telepaths that actually wanted to side with Cthulhu so they snuck into the facility he was held captive in, and freed him. Cthulhu rewarded them by sparing them in the ensuing onslaught against the rest of the telepath civilization, which could not be stopped because they didn't expect it to happen despite their mind abilities. The loyal telepaths were instructed to recreate the Evolution Beasts, Nebula Floaters, and Predictors so that they could too be a part of the Nebula faction of his army.

The Stardust Weavers
While the Nebula telepaths were able to perform DNA experiments, they didn't have the means to mass produce their creations nor themselves, so Cthulhu knew that the next faction would need to be a civilization that was capable to mass cloning things. Cthulhu did in fact find what he was looking for, the Stardust Weavers. They started as a single species, the Star Cells but they created more efficient forms for themselves. The Flow invaders, Milkyway weavers, and Twinkle Poppers.


Flow Invader


Milkyway Weaver


Twinkle Popper

Cthulhu once again attacked with his eyeball army, as the Nebula faction was only a small group at this point, and the weavers replicated the eyes and attacked back with them. Knowing he could not win, Cthulhu gave them a deal. If they join him, he could expand their civilization across the stars and they could weave as they wished. The weavers declined, stating that if they needed him, they could just weave a replica of him that would follow their orders. This is exactly what they did, but since Cthulhu was so big and powerful their replica was not able to be perfect and was easily destroyed. Realizing that they would need the help of the real thing, they agreed to join him. Their plan was to turn on him once his purpose was fulfilled. The telepaths were instructed to experiment with Flow Invader and Cthulhu DNA to create yet another perfect soldier. Successful experimentation lead to the creation of the Stargazers.



Though Cthulhu had gained two factions that had specific tactical uses, he still did not have factions in his army that would be good for brute military force rather than having additional behind the scene uses. Cthulhu would need to continue searching.
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Empress of Light

Cthulhu's Cosmic Conquest Part 2​

The Vortex Parasites
While scanning the cosmos for a faction that would suffice as a powerful military force, a species was detected living on a harsh, permanently storming planet. This was a species of parasites called Alien Hornets that lived underground away from the dangers of the storm overhead.


Alien Hornet


Alien Larva

It seems as if this species was actually a hive mind controlled by various Queens that themselves were controlled by some sort of Grand Queen that ruled over the entire species.


Alien Queen

Cthulhu used the abilities of the telepaths to mind control the Grand Queen, consequently taking control of the entire species in one quick and easy move. While the rest of the species was to be dedicating purely towards fighting, the Grand Queen would stay back in safety so they could continue to control the species, for Cthulhu had no idea what would happen to the species hive mind without a Grand Queen and he didn't want to find out. Once again, the telepaths did DNA experimentation this time with Alien Queen DNA, leading the the creation of the Vortexians.



An additional special class of Vortexians were created, that were designed to fight and survive in harsh environments such as storms called the Storm Divers.


Storm Diver

The Solar Golems
On a volcanic planet was a species of rock-like creatures called Corites. They were mostly peaceful, and survived by eating the minerals from the surface of the planet.



When resources were running thin, some of them adapted by evolving into the Crawltipeds so that they could dig deeper into the surface to find more minerals.



Once they exhausted even these, they began to steal from each others' stashes, so some other Corites adapted by evolving into a ferocious beast that was capable of actually defending its mineral stash called the Drakomires.



Other Corites took a different route and evolved into a more advanced, intelligent being called the Srollers, attempting to beat the competition with sheer intellect.



Srollers began to tame Drakomire, Crawltipedes, and Corites and started forming different factions that fought over the remaining minerals. Eventually they merged into two large factions that were in a harsh war. It was at this point that Cthulhu found them. He tried to stop the fighting by promising all of them plenty of minerals if they joined him, but they ignored him and went back to fighting. Cthulhu had no choice but the destroy the entire faction that seemed to be losing just to get the fighting to stop. Now that they weren't distracted by the war, they listened to him and agreed to join him under the promise of as many minerals as they wanted, knowing that fighting would probably once again break out over what minerals they had left if they didn't. The telepaths took Sroller DNA, and experimented on it with Cthulhu DNA and created the Selenians.



Two additional classes of Selenians were made, the spear wielding Drakanians, and the Drakomire riders which are Drakanians that ride on tamed Drakomires.




Drakomire Rider

Cthulhu's conquest was not yet finished. He conquered countless planets with his fully fledged celestial army but there was one more planet that caught his attention in terms of adding to his army. The mysterious planet of Terraria...

coming next: Cthulhu's Infiltration of Terraria
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