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WIP Terraria ideas (W.i.P)


Town NPC
//Solar Cultist - Spawns after you have done the celestiel towers
Enemy NPC//Plauged Zombie - spawns in hardmode caverns usually on the outskirts of jungle biomes
Neutral NPC//Monkey - spawns in jungle if you see one and attack it a monkey gang will attack, they drop bananas

//Banana - gives the well fed buff for 5 mins
Potion//Death's Brew - gives you ironskin, regeneration, swiftness, +25% attack and has a 50% chance when consumed you lose 50hp

//Star Melter - flamthrower that causes the cursed flames debuff crafted using lumanite bars, solar fragment and vortex fragment
Ranged//Twins Fury - auto shoot, sometimes bullets become cursed flame fireballs that have an AoE and has a 25% chance to inflict cursed flames debuff crafted using souls of sight hallowed bars and pheonix blaster
Magic//The Hunger - shoots semi homing missles that latch onto enemies, dropped from the hungry


Flaming Shield - 15% damage is reflected at the enemies crafted from cobalt shield, living flame in a Jar and hellstone bar
Flaming Scarf - 20% damage reduction, enemies that attack you have a chance to catch fire, crafted with the worm scarf and flaming shield
Slime in a Jar - Allows the user to take 15% less fall damage crafted from 100 gel and 1 glass bottle

Pre-Hardmode//Wondering Mage - spawns the night after any npc has been killed, attacks you with ice spells
Pre-Hardmode//Lava Zombie - uses summoning item charred hand in the underworld, summons zombies and throws lava at you
Hardmode//Rotting Eye - uses summoning item rotting retina, has a 50% chance to spawn the night after fighting the twins

Summoning Items
Charred Hand - Crafted using 1 lava bucket and a zombie hand
Rotting Retina - Crafted using 1 suspicious looking eye, 50 gel and rotted flesh

Rotted Flesh - 5% drop from hardmode zombies
Living Flame in a Jar - 15 living flame blocks and 1 jar


Questions, contra's and support:
1. What do the NPC's sell/do?
2. Banana food is really unessecary... we already have enough food that are quite easy to make, and give WAY more minutes.
3. I do support that new potion... I bet it's made from Ironskin, regen and swiftness pot but +25% dmg is a bit OP, maybe like +25 dmg?
4. I hope that flamethrower is any better than the other one.. Support! I REALLY want a new good flamethrower in the game!
5. Let it also cope the powers of the original bullets and make that 25% chance to 100%!
6. Sure, The Hungry wants a useful drop too, support :)
7. I do like reflecting dmg.. Support!
8. Support, Worm Scarf on fire!
9. Maybe make that wondering mage a Hardmode boss and it will appear when the Wizard gets killed. Support!
10. Support, there is no such thing as too many bosses!
11. Support, but don't make it a 50% chance to spawn after Fighting twins, that's gonna be annoying, and it's summoning item is very easy to make, unlike the Mechanical eye which is a bit harder, so no support on that last part.
12. Mate, zombie hands are pretty rare, maybe use rotten chunks?
13. yes, easy enough recipe, support!
14. Those last two items are good too, Support!
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