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URBAN DICTIONARY: "A game that's similar to Minecraft, but with worse graphics, 2D gameplay (yes, 2D still exists in the 21st century, though it shoudn't), and overall bad design. Not a very interesting game, but can get very addicting." THIS GAME SUCKS. THIS IS MY OPINION. OPEN TO CRITICISM. (YES, I KNOW MINECRAFT SUCKS ALSO).


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Oh man, I missed these threads. While on the surface level Terraria may look like a 2D version of Minecraft, one must remember that they are not the only two games in the sandbox market. It is true that Minecraft and Terraria both have a focus on building and exploring, Terraria tends to see it in a more "RPG-esque" way, upgrading health, mana, stated weaons, etc. Minecraft on the other hand has a limit on gear, but no limit on building and exploring a more "Sims-esque" experience for lack of a better word. To restate it, Terraria is to Minecraft as Digimon is to Pokemon, similar but different and still amazing.

theclownfish II

ok let me ask you this. why, JUST WHY do you make an account on a forum primarily about a game you hate? this thread is obviously pointless and just why did this need to exist? terraria is not minecraft though they are somewhat similar.
here are 2 differences you couldnt point out:
minecraft is made by mojang
terraria is made by re-logic

2 different companies. if mojang made terraria or if re-logic made minecraft this would make sense but since thats not true in this case
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