PC Terraria is too hard

Does Terraria need an easy mode?

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their is literally no need to lower the difficulty of terraria. their are countless guides online on everything from wiring traps/using lava to farm wave based events/invasions to how to build a safespot to fight moonlord with minimal damage. i killed him pretty easily, using beetle armor, and no buffing potions past the well fed buff. the games easy as it is, and a simple google search solves pretty much any problem you can think of, should anyone care to take the time to educate themselves on the mechanics/methods of playing the game more efficiently. adding an easy mode is, as some have stated, just catering mainly to the lazy. the game, as it is, can be made to be lazy friendly, if you first put some work into building a farm or two, for whatever your needs may be. could there maybe be another tier after chloro/beetle/turtle, but before the lunar armors? sure. but its not technically needed. hell, for the people who are all ready that lazy/desperate, you can just go use a character editor. adding an easy mode where you breeze through the game is a joke.
Terraria ISN'T hard. Go and play a game like Crypt of the Necrodancer. Hard at first, then beating it becomes more of a skill than a task. Why remove all difficulty (barely any) that normal mode has anymore? If you want to be a tank that takes one damage from the moon lord, the actual final boss, get mods. It's not our fault that the only games you have played before in your life is Doki Doki Literature Meme and Half Life on easy mode with auto-aim.
I don't think the bosses are hard.
The bosses are easy if you have the right equipment. Also, am I the only one that thinks contact damage is unfair?
Let's also make it so that we have to sit around and wait for the skeletron to fire his Book of Skulls attack. I also enjoy fighting a good ol plantera fight and standing right in the middle of her so she can't hit me. Hell, let's remove contact damage altogether! Make every enemy fire an unavoidable projectile when within 200 blocks!
That might sound strange, but I found Moon Lord easier than Pillars. For ML you just buff up, pick ufo, shroomite armor and vortex beater with chlor bullets. However, every pillar has at least one enemy that makes me annoyed: selenians, crawltipedes, flow invaders, nebula floaters, alien queens.
As long as it doesn't ruin the experience for people who like the way the game is now I don't mind, however it will be way too much work to separate it into it's own mode so I don't see it happening and even if it does happen it would probably take too much time and resources which in my opinion would be better spent making more content for the game.

It's already pretty noticeable how much the game has sped up if you have played older versions, I don't want it to become like other games where you just blaze trough the content without putting any effort, that's horrible.
I wouldn't mind if playing solo balanced the game a bit differently, but in most cases I don't have a problem.

I regularly play this game alone since dealing with other people can frustrating. I play normal alone typically, but I never start to struggle until I get to Moon Lord level stuff, and it's usually because I'm trying to do class-lock style themes and it tends to be a pita.

That said, I cannot solo on expert yet, not feasibly from scratch... although, I have done expert on online playthroughs and they make for an exciting game.

The problem with playing online, though, is that I enjoy 'fresh start' servers and they tend to last literally weeks of constant gameplay and focus. I have to both be there constantly, AND moderate the stupidity that inevitably comes with it. I have to constantly watch for griefing, catch people trying to cheat, and keep things in line all along the idea of having a good time. Hard to do without close friends, and not many of the people I used to Terraria regularly with still play.

Either way, I disagree that this game needs an 'easy' mode. You simply need to be a little more creative. There are no bosses in this game that are impossible to solo by any stretch of the imagination, though some can be very hard, especially if you limit yourself. I'll openly admit that Moon Lord (and Duke Fishron) are pretty scary. But with the right strategy, like any other boss, they are totally doable, and without exploiting a cheesy tactic to win.

Again, the best I can say is that I wouldn't be against the game rebalancing a bit around a single player -- especially on the consoles -- but it's not really necessary. I'm not that great of a player, and I can handle this stuff pretty easily. Look up some guides and create a good strategy. Drink some potions, get buffed. With the right preparation, anything in this game can be relatively easy.
Can anyone help me out and give me some items? I just got terraria on the computer and I played it a ton on Xbox one. Thanks!
I feel like if it ever does come out it would be helpful to newer players and wouldn't change the gameplay. However, you've made it too easy. kick it up a notch a bit.
Journey mode is an easy mode. You have toggleable god mode at all times and can skip a lot of the grinding and even lower enemy stats.
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