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Hello Terrarians!

Welcome to Journey's End! We are blown away by the insane-tier level of support you all have thrown behind our game. We expected it might be big - but wow. Thank you so much!

Moving on, we know that some folks are having issues out there - from the small graphical bugs that somehow slipped through to some larger issues. That means hotfixes! This thread will be your go-to spot for all of our hotfix changelogs. The most recent will always be at the TOP, but all of the previous ones will be listed out below.

Before we dive into that, here are your other key locations for Bug Reporting & Known/Reported bug information!



You will want to check this out first - see if your issue is listed here. If it is, then good news! We have it logged in our system. :nursegrin:


This section of TCF is your one-stop shop for all things Journey's End Bug Reporting!

You will want to stop by this thread first to learn the rules of the road for Bug Reporting. Following these will be the best way to ensure your issue is seen and that the team has all of the information that they need to locate and squash the nasty bug that you located!


These are a few potential workarounds that have had at least some success for other players with the same issue. In advance of any hotfixes, these are things that you can consider trying to fix your issue.

"Cannot create a world" - this seems to be mostly isolated to Turkish players. Try the method outlined here:
"Cannot Move" - this seems to be tied to a few things, sometimes Razer Synapse (make sure it is up to date). The two things below have found some success:

  • Right click the game in your Steam Library.
  • Go to Properties then the Local Files tab.
  • Click Browse Local Files.
  • Locate the game executable (the application).
  • Right click it and go to Properties.
  • Click the Compatibility tab.
  • Check the Run this program as an administrator box.
  • Click Apply.

If that does not work

2. RESTART PC, try again


FPS issues - some players have found success with attempting different settings for the Frame Skip option (under video settings).


"Game won't open" - this is almost always a Steam issue.

Verify Local Files (be sure it fixes/downloads any missing files... if it does not, you may have to change Download Region)
Exit and Restart Steam



CURRENT: Version

I. Optimizations and Crash Fixes
  • The Multiplayer server is now more strict about fake connection attempts
  • Added some error handling for peripheral Chroma related crashes
  • Improved error handling to prevent some crashes related to "Spritebatch"
  • Improved error handling to prevent some sound related crashes when alt+tabbing out
  • Chests and similar furniture placed on top of non-solid tiles should no longer cause crashes
  • Fixed a file naming error that would cause a crash for Linux users
  • Fixed a crash that can happen sometimes when changing screens
  • Fixed a crash that happens when sitting/sleeping in relation to the Potion of Return
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by using a Magic Conch in a Sandstorm
  • Fixed a crash caused by attempting to load worlds that were so corrupted, that even the corruption detection was corrupted
  • Fixed a certain issue with worlds saving in host and play
  • Fixed a certain world loading bug
  • Fixed loading a bugged world in host and play leaving a stuck server process
  • Added further protections against characters named "." and similar such names causing file deletion
  • Error log entries for RGB/Peripheral support now properly indicate that they are normal messages, and not errors. They also include a message indicating that you can disable them.

II. Changes/Additions
  • Added a rolling world save backup system to improve reliability of world file backups in case of corrupted files. By default, there will be one additional backup save in addition to the previous saves, and this can be increased up to a maximum of 9. You can change this value in the config.json or serverconfig.txt with the setting "WorldRollbacksToKeep
  • The Torch God now haunts Terraria
  • Added an item that gives you a new sidebar option setting that will auto-convert placed torches to the biome type
  • Black Slimes and Blue Jellyfish now have a chance to spawn in Hardmode for Bestiary completion
  • Dungeon fishing loot now takes priority in overlapping Dungeon biomes
  • Fishing now prioritizes ammo slots when selecting bait to use
  • Technically a fix, changed a very long running code typo that made Crate Potion have an entirely incorrect recipe. Now takes Amber, Moonglow, Shiverthorn, and Waterleaf.
  • The Truffle now likes living in the Mushroom biome (instead of being neutral)
  • Forest Pylon can now be used in the sky as well
  • Flying Dutchman now unlocks its Bestiary entry in one kill
  • Lihzahrd Mechanical Traps can no longer be broken with explosives before Golem has been defeated
  • Pirate Invasions after the first one are now less common
  • Explosive Trap deaths should handle mass item drops more efficiently now, and will attempt to preserve Mediumcore item drops
  • Changed Empress' Emote quicktext to "eol" to match other boss emotes
  • Changed a crafting inconsistency with Obsidian Toilet not matching other Obsidian furniture
  • Changed a minor crafting inconsistency where Crimtane Brick was not as efficient as Demonite Brick

III. Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where players could not move properly on some computers
  • Fixed a damage issue with Slaphand
  • Fixed an issue where PVP Jousting did not take momemtum damage into consideration
  • Fixed a noun/verb issue with a death message
  • Fixed an issue where Soul Bottles didn't count as a valid light source
  • Fixed an issue where Gravedigger's Shovel didn't dig the center block at the same speed
  • Fixed an issue where the Toy Tank mount was too tall
  • Fixed some item tooltips
  • Fixed some punctuation issues with Town Happiness text
  • Fixed an issue where Haemorrhaxe's item size was incorrectly allowing it to fall through the world
  • Fixed an issue where most Demon Eye variants could not descend through platforms
  • Fixed an issue where Finches sometimes could not descend through platforms
  • Fixed an issue where the Ocean Pylon was sold below ground where it wasn't usable
  • Fixed an issue that allowed swapping out the Discount Card when shopping
  • Fixed an issue that broke the ability for some monsters to have size variation
  • Clay Pots no longer break instantly when placed over a bottom sloped tile
  • Fixed an offset issue with the menu fade-in
  • Fixed a worldgen issue with the Temple's doors not being accessible
  • Buff Effects should now properly follow enemies affected by NPC Smoothing
  • Chaos Elementals and Worms are no longer affected by NPC Smoothing
  • Fixed some NPC Smoothing issues with King/Queen Slime, Golem, Wall of Flesh and teleporting casters
  • Fixed an NPC Smoothing issue where Town NPCs in Portal Gun portals would float around oddly
  • Improved some NPC Smoothing issues when spawning/teleporting
  • Town NPCs should no longer smooth back to their home positions in multiplayer
  • Default NPC Smoothing range is reduced from 1000 to 300
  • Fixed trees not dropping acorns when grown on Golf Grass
  • Fixed an issue where RNG would make fishing power display change wildly
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with mowed grass and biome spread
  • Fixed an issue where Dungeon pits could generate at the surface
  • Cleaned up some Christmas decoration grouping in the Duplication menu
  • Organized some inconsistent Critter/Gold Critter orders in the Bestiary
  • Mechanical Piranhas will now catch up more quickly so you can't outrun then
  • NPCs should now drop platinum in stacks below 999, should they pick up more than 999 Platinum
  • Fixed an issue where several new items in Fishing Crates (mostly pets) were not dropping in Multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where Sky Dragon's Fury and Tome of Infinite Wisdom did not auto-use their right click functionality
  • Fixed an issue where Tome of Infinite Wisdom could consume mana and waste it when using its right click functionality
  • Fixed the Bestiary background for Giant Flying Fox
  • Fixed Light Lamia's Bestiary entry not showing them as being in the Hallow Desert
  • Fixed an issue where the FPS counter would move with the UI Scale setting
  • Duke Fishron and Dreadnautilus should now properly retarget another player if the current one dies/teleports away
  • Fixed Coral and Seashells not matching their tile placement preview
  • Flails no longer continue spinning when Cursed/Stoned/Frozen/etc
  • Golf Grass should now convert to dirt when exposed to lava
  • Tavernkeep will no longer sell Pylons when his unique shop is full
  • Happy Bombs now properly explode and deal damage in MP when touching a player
  • Fixed a visual issue with several very tall hats displaying pixels by the player's feet
  • Fixed certain back accessories/outfits not drawing properly in the Character Selection menu
  • Fixed Gem and Vanity Trees not blocking the tiles beneath them from being hammered
  • Fixed an issue where buff order was not re-calculated properly under certain circumstances, leaving empty spaces
  • Fixed an issue where several flying critters were only counting towards Bestiary sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where fluid bombs could destroy tiles they should not
  • Fixed an issue where sand traps would generate over furniture in worldgen
  • Invasion warning messages should no longer spam the player when time is frozen
  • Fixed an issue where Snake Ropes would never vanish if the summoning player quits out of the server
  • Fixed Dirt Blocks not producing dirt when exploding on half-slabs
  • Fixed some falling blocks duplicating when dropping them on actuated half-slabs
  • Fixed a visual issue with Guitars and Capes being held awkwardly
  • Fixed an issue where the Shield of Cthulhu's invulnerability time would actually reset pre-existing damage immunity, allowing you to get hit faster
  • Fixed a minor pixel issue with the Gato Pet
  • Fixed Santa Claus having a Traveling Merchant party quote instead of his own
  • Fixed Encumbering Stone not letting you pick up Mana Cloak Stars
  • Fixed a minor frame animation issue with the Large Volcano decorative item
  • Fixed an inconsistency where hair did not light up when on fire, like the rest of the body
  • Fixed an issue where there were two different Deadly prefixes that Ranged weapons could get
  • Fixed an issue where Golf Cups would send a wire signal for every player on the server
  • Fixed some sleeping/fishing related issues by preventing you from doing both at the same time
  • Fixed some issues with Fluid Bombs
  • Fixed on of the Forest backgrounds having a pixel artifact
  • New fences will now allow trees to grow
  • Gem Trees will also now grow with natural cave backgrounds behind them
  • Fixed some buff icons having whitespace on them instead of transparency



I. Crash Fixes and Performance Improvements:
  • Made some optimizations to help game performance
  • Fixed some memory management issues
  • Fixed lighting related crash with non-color mode
  • Added a serverconfig setting "slowliquids" that restores the maximum moving liquid/quick settle condition to's setting, off by default. Turning this on will decrease the amount of liquid that can move at once, but may reduce lag.
  • Fixed a crash when loading certain worlds
  • Fixed Solar Pillar enemy's bestiary page crashing the game on Linux

II. Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Team Nameplates being in the wrong position
  • Fixed Team Nameplates no longer showing the healthbars of damaged teammates
  • Fixed an issue where multiplayer servers could run and allow players to join corrupted world files
  • Fixed an issue where Sticky Grenades, Bombs, and Dynamite didn't always stick
  • Fixed an issue where Blockswapped and replaced tiles might maintain their cracked nature
  • Fixed an issue where Mana Stars were dropping roughly 20% as much as they should
  • Petting a Town Pet will no longer let you pet them if slopes are interfering and would make you float
  • Fixed Collector's Edition Carrot overriding the Magic Mirror on a Journey Mode character
  • Fixed Traveling Merchant and Skeleton Merchant accidentally having NPC Happiness
  • Fixed an issue where Enchanted Sundial would cause heavy FPS drops
  • Fixed NPCs sitting incorrectly in Dynasty Chairs
  • Fixed an issue where a lot of non-gore objects were hidden by Blood/Gore settings
  • Fixed some Hardmode Dungeon enemies drawing into the floor slightly in their animation
  • Fixed an issue where Digging Molecart would dig through tiles that should not be destroyed
  • Fixed player map borders not adjusting the border color properly
  • Fixed an issue where Cultist Devotee Banner and Red Potion did not have research values
  • Fixed Explosives counting as PVP damage, resulting in it not dropping coins when you were killed by them
  • Fixed a couple of tooltip typos
  • Fixed some consistency issues with Ninja Gear tooltips
  • Updated Invisibility Potion's tooltip
  • Fixed a sprite issue with Bowl of Soup
  • Fixed an issue where if the entire top of your world was covered with platforms, it would prevent meteors from spawning
  • Fixed certain cases of text getting random newlines


I. Changes/Additions
Removed Bad torch luck
Increased Prismatic Lacewing spawn rate significantly
Angry Dandelions now have a chance to drop Daybloom
Betsy now only takes one kill to "max" Bestiary progress like other main bosses
Zenith now requires Bee Keeper in its recipe
Shiverthorn is now somewhat slower to grow, but twice as fast to bloom
Waterlily grows faster in the rain, Blinkroot grows faster underground, Fireblossom in the Underworld
More Blinkroots appear during worldgen, and all herbs can potentially "grow" during worldgen as well
Owls now hoot less
Added a large quantity of art asset revisions, mostly minor touch ups, but several with substantial changes, most notably, the Molten weapons and tools, Clentaminator, and S.D.M.G.
Tombstones now display with Dangersense Potion
Dungeon Guardian and Old Man will also be unlocked if you have Skeletron unlocked now, in addition to the previously existing methods to ensure you could unlock them
Added a config.json setting called "DisableIntenseVisualEffects" that you can use to disable flashing during thunderstorms. Can be expanded to include other mechanics upon feedback.

II. Crash Fixes and Performance Improvements
Fixed an issue that caused serious worldgen problems and some crashes for users with Turkish-language PCs (and possibly some other languages as well)
Users with file permissions crashes should now get an updated error message giving more instructions on the matter (File permissions issues stem from Terraria not being allowed by the PC to make and modify save files, usually causing crashes when saving or making characters/worlds)
Fixed not getting a proper sound initialization not actually disabling sound, this should fix some sound initialization crashes
Added some optimization to mannequins and hat racks to decrease their performance toll
Added some protection against crashing while taking very large Camera mode snapshots
Reduced liquid movement restrictions in multiplayer, which should translate to more liquid being allowed to move in servers at once
Improved how multiplayer servers handle liquid syncing
Added new multiplayer npc smoothing code, adjustable by a config.json setting called "MultiplayerNPCSmoothingRange" , npcs who move less than this range (default 1000 pixels) would be smoothed into their next position (can be disabled by setting it to 0)
Team name plates no longer show health when at full health to improve MP performance
Added a config.json setting called "TeamNameplateDistance" that lets you reduce the distance at which team names are drawn, with the default being 2000. Reducing the number of Team Nameplates on screen in MP can improve performance, so this can be used as needed.

III. Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where the World Menu seed button was still hidden
Fixed an issue where sometimes players would get an extremely long death timer. The maximum should now be limited to 30 seconds. This should retroactively fix characters with an extremely high death timer.
Fixed certain users not having left-click assigned to their mouse in the main menu when loading 1.4
Fixed an issue where Minions would be summoned at an inverted position when in reverse gravity
Fixed an issue where the summon lock-on icon would at an inverted position in reverse gravity
Fixed an issue where Hallowed Trees on mowed Hallow grass would drop normal wood
Fixed an issue where coin sparkles weren't appearing
Fixed an issue where Gold Seahorses were caught as "Seahorse Cages"
Fixed an issue where some Goblins would get stuck in doors and sink into the floor
Fixed an outline issue on Jungle Pants
Fixed flail chains drawing incorrectly while on some mounts
Fixed an issue where wearing Moon Lord Legs and Frog Legs at the same time would give you no legs at all
Fixed an issue where you could use the Step Stool while grappled
Fixed an issue where Stylist-only hairs were inadvertently available by randomizing your character
Fixed an issue where NPCs were affected by disliking their neighbors more than hating their neighbors
Fixed an issue where you could summon multiple Queen Slimes
Fixed an issue where texture packs would not work for tiles without a game restart
Fixed some visual effects acting unusually when time is sped up with Journey mode/sleeping/Sundials
Titanium's Set bonus no longer triggers off of Target Dummies
Fixed a crash when a server tries to generate certain seeds via serverconfig.txt
Fixed an issue where having pickup text off and using a Sonar Potion would delete the item you get
Fixed Obsidian Sinks using only Obsidian instead of Hellstone
Fixed server config.txt world path option being ignored during auto create
Fixed Hooks and Mounts being usable after Mediumcore death
Fixed Trident movement impacting minecarts
Fixed Angler Quest fishing icon disappearing when a player dies
Fixed an issue where Key of Light/Night spawned mimics left behind phantom ghost chest tiles
Fixed Betsy's loot having half the intended drop chance
Fixed Depth Meter displaying incorrect height biome when using camera-moving items
Cool Whip's Snowflake should no longer attack critters, target dummies
Fixed Cool Whip's Snowflake not despawning when a player dies or quits
Fixed Exquisitely Fed buff not giving Ranged Damage
Fixed Ocean critters spawning in deep caves below the Ocean
Fixed Lava Lamps being unable to be placed on tables
Fixed Mini Minotaur not animating properly while flying
Fixed some item spelling concerns and grammatical issues with NPC Happiness text


I. Changes/Additions
Added Master and Journey to command line options for the dedicated server
Ghosts should now be more likley to despawn, and reduced the conditions which allow them to spawn as well as the maximum number of them
Error logging should no longer create large DMP data files when the game crashes (We no longer use them)

II. Bug Fixes
Added some protection to ensure world gen works for users using different language PCs, but we are still investigating a more thorough fix
Fixed a number of issues where Terraria tries to make or modify folders, but User Side PC permissions prevented it from doing so, leading to crashes/errors
Fixed a crash relating sound initialization
Fixed a few autostart errors for the server
Fixed an issue with kicking players not actually being fully removed, preventing players from rejoining
Demon Altars can no longer spawn on rare configurations of adjacent cacti, which would crash the world if they were hit
Coins no longer have a sell value
Fixed an issue where Map Scale was impossibly low, resulting in some map related issues


(Note: was the live release, and changes and additions are only included for posterity and for content changes)

I. Changes and Additions
Meteorites now no longer fall until after Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu have been defeated
Killing Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu again will boost the drop rate of subsequent Meteors for the following night (instead of breaking more Orbs/Hearts)
Meteorites can no longer be destroyed with explosives
Pirate Captain now spawns a ghost pirate when he is killed
Dunerider Boots can now be tinkered with Rocket Boots to make Spectre Boots

II. Bug Fixes
Fixed several internal-only issues that were only present in beta builds


Version 1.4.0 Corrections

I. Changes and Additions (Accidentally not included in the 1.4.0 Changelog)
Statue spawned enemies now require some form of player damage to drop their drops, even if the killing blow is done with lava or traps
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We are aware of some reports of save corruption issues that have been shared lately. This does not impact the vast majority of people, but certainly is cropping up for a handful of folks. A few important things to note first:

  • Always make sure your save process completes before you turn off your PC. Save and Exit, wait for the main menu before shutting down, etc.
  • Be sure to check your antivirus “folder protection” to be sure that Terraria is allowed access to My Documents - this is a common issue that can appear to be corrupt files or even cause crashing.
  • Steam Cloud has some issues from time to time – it is safest to keep local copies of files always
  • Making manual backups (just create a “Backup Saves” folder of your players and worlds is always a great idea).

Beyond the above, we are aware of - and actively investigating - this rare save issue from 1.4 with player's worlds that can result in corrupt saves. During this investigation, we also discovered the game's server code (also used for host and play sessions) – for all versions up to and including – still allowed these corrupt worlds to load and let players play them, however these saves would be missing key components such as whole sections of the world or contents of all chests.

***Once a world is loaded in this corrupt state, and saved, this silent fail causes the loss of valuable information that can help us track down the problem. In we added code that stops the loading once the fail is detected. This is why it appears that is causing issues, when it is actually just flagging/blocking the issue above***

We are doing our best to track this issue down ASAP. If you have worlds that failed loading, PLEASE report these on the forums and attach both the .wld and .bak files to your report. This will be a tremendous help in tracking down and squashing this nasty bug, and we would greatly appreciate it!

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