Terraria: Journey's End Launch Weekend Events

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I'm so excited! Can't wait till the 18th! I'm especially excited for Journey Mode, I like how its still creative, but you need to find the materials. Like I said, very excited.
Could always play 1.3 Terraria solo and watch the streams on Thursday and Friday.
Nah, I just finished a run with my partner so that they could round off their achievements and get a taste of Summoner in prep for 1.4. I just finished purifying my world, too. Oh well.
Watching this game and its community grow throughout the years is incredible. It feels like yesterday that everyone was totally hyped about the release of 1.3, it was insane. Now we are here experiencing it again, an update that's even larger and took more time than 1.3. Can't wait!
Its time for the journey to end,and for new journeys to start, we have old memories that will stay with us forever and be treasured, and new memories which will be made,will never replace the old ones, every thing ends,but new things start as well,and thats what is going to happen to Terraria,but even though it will not become anymore new,it will forever stay in our hearts and childhoods. See you all on the other side of the last update.
Could you publish a change log at 6:00 AM EDT?

For most European countries it will be afternoon.
I hear the changelog is forty seven pages long. :-3 Good thing I have a nice quiet empty day ahead of me tomorrow.


I'm sure the question will arise many, many times, but does anyone happen to know what time on Saturday (EDT) the update will ship to Steam?
i have homework but at least I have something to read during my break
I made a poem cuz I was bored

One journeys end is the start of another
But worry not, we are in this together
The devs have worked hard, hoping we will enjoy it
But even in master mode, we won’t rage quit
Sure, some enemies are cuter or scarier

But we will still play the game we call Terraria

Any feedback is nice :D
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