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Terraria: Journey's End Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Tarc Novar

Well, what do you know? The wife and I just got a Switch given to us for Christmas! Will have to look into this, for sure.


So, the update is great so far. I love it!

But one thing always bothered me even on PC. It's that you have to check every chest for a specific item you're looking for.

Can't you just make it possible to let us type in the item word and highlight the chest it's in?


Staff member
Hotfix Patch today:

  • Armor items stored on mannequins disappear after upgrading to version 1.4
  • Items stored in frames are graphically corrupted and disappear after upgrading to version 1.4
  • The game crashes during player creation when using a special character in the name
  • The game crashes if the player accesses the inventory while on a shop menu, then moves away from the shop range and then enters the inventory again.
  • World generated chandeliers (not placed by player) appear corrupted, but will show correctly if they are pickaxed and placed again.
  • The placement grid disappears if the player accesses the inventory and chooses a non-grid item and exits


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Using items from inventory is for things like potions and the like.

You can use the "Swap to World" command while in inventory to play with the inventory open (X by default... so it would be: X open inventory, X swap to world and back, B to close inventory)... from that, you should be able to build/place doors, etc.
It doesn't work when having "pause in inventory mode" on; neither a direct use (for example potions via ZL) nor a use via Swap to World mode. Wouldn't it make more sense to automatically deactivate the pause when pressing ZL or when having an input in Swap to World (like moving, or pressing a button to place something/build)? Or would this cause some issues?

I deactivated the "pause in inventory mode" option (as the described issue was too limiting in my book), and the Swap to World via X works really nicely. Good idea and well implemented!

One small potential bug: Sometimes when loading the game, the minimap appears or disappears (the opposite of the setting of the last game session). I have to map a button to the "minimap activate/deactivate function" in order to change it again.

By the way: Congratulations on Terraria being chosen as the next European Game Trial on Switch! :D
Seems like NoE really likes Terraria, too. Can you share what the process has been like @Loki (if it was not solely a 505 Games + Nintendo decision), e.g. do you know whether it was NoE actively offering this opportunity to the team+publisher?
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