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Terraria: Journey's End Official Golf Map Starter Kit


so i just finished playing all of the maps, here's my review of them:
  • Putt-rarria: gorgeous world and level design, with a ton of secrets hidden throughout the map. hole 7 is amazing. i really like that most of the course is one continuous map instead of fragments boxed from each other. the best of the three, no wonder Re-Logic chose it for the Youtube video showcase
  • Dreamscape: i love the aesthetics, and the map is pretty fun although it had some pretty major spikes in difficulty. Dreamscape's hole 7 is hell. i love the extra activities at the end such as battle golf and golf karting. overall a really nice map
  • Omega Golf Adventure: it's a serviceable map, an easy course for beginners. the design and layouts are pretty simple. not too great, but not bad either. it's an okay map
really glad i could try out these maps, and i can't wait to see more from the community!


I've finished them all as well;

Putt-rarria and Dreamscape are both visually gorgeous, but as a downside I found some of the holes a bit too frustrating.

Omega's a lot simpler in design, and for me this made the actual golfing a lot more fun. :merchanthappy:

Nevertheless, all three are great, and I've had plenty of fun. Thanks to all of you for creating them!
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