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Terraria: Journey's End Spoiler Compendium


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That's the spirit. @Cenx I hope you're hearing this.

Maybe not make it have more strength than other bosses, but simply be a "fun" boss from rare conditions. Make it drop a fun item, like a mini guide that occasionally speech-bubbles things like "man I feel like I've carried the world on my shoulders" and "I feel like stabbing things. Is this normal?"
I dunno, something. Baby orca for all I know.
This NEEDS to be a thing!!! I would love this soooo much, you need to take this up with the devs!!!!


These all look so awesome! I love the new furniture sets, especially bamboo! I hope we get bamboo forests in the jungle. Weather, pets, more food, it all makes the game so much more immersive, even if the additions are subtle.


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Odd. All of those appear for me. Is anyone else having this same issue?



huh. looks like it's firefox. i can see it all on chrome, but i never really use chrome. maybe i have something blocked in ublock origin. nope turned if off and those ones are still broken.



Throughout the development process, plenty of code craziness can take place, as we are sure you can all imagine. We thought it would be fun to share some of the funnier "blooper" moments from the development of Terraria: Journey's End. We hope you will find these as funny as we did at the time... and still do! :)

Vine Coil
(come a little closer, it just wants to give you a hug)

The Wall of Copper Shortswords
(The one True Evil of Terraria)

That's One Big Gun!
(Pew Pew!)

Destroy Them with Lasers!
(It's the only way to be sure)

Where all Terraria Tax Collectors Wind Up
(Which Level is that anyway?)

View attachment 217672

Physics? Who Needs Physics?
(Clearly not us!)

You Had One Job...
(...to change just one number...)

Let Me Just Test this Weapon Here...
(Running away, Running away!!!)

Diamond Toilets!!!
(The NPC pooping stuff was just a joke all along....)

My Planet needs me.... and so does Santa!

Adds a turntable that change the music of game.


my builder :red: cant wait for the new lunar event furniture sets (especially the stardust one even tho ion know how it looks like)
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