Terraria: Journey's End Vanity Contest Winners!

In case it interests anyone, I made a tier list based on the number of mentions of each entry on the Finalists & Voting Instructions page. These are the results visualised in Paint.


I compiled these numbers before the winners were announced and I only used positive mentions of an entry. You can find a text file attached below to see the exact numbers I got.

Other than that, congrats to the winners!


  • tierlist.txt
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(still questioning to tier everything)

Update: I done my tier.... and its rushed...…. :pPP

best vanity.png

Incase you don't understand the picture...…..

Best Vanity: Bubblehead, Plaguebringer Robe (Dont get mad at me for liking a ``edgy`` design)

Awesome/Yeh vanity: Bugman, Floret Protector (now i think about it... i swear i thought i voted for the floret protector but forgot)

Good Vanity: The rest of them....
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Hello everyone!
I am here to ask all of the people that joined the vanity contest for your permission to use your vanity set in our mod!:dryadsmile:

Seeing as there are many vanity sets that are more than great and wanted in the game why let them go to waste.

So i am asking all of the vanity set creators to jump in the discord and maybe dm me with the art for set so we can add it.

Thank you for reading and see you in game!<3
Three out of five winning entries have horns - I see the Terraria community digs the occult :)

I love the diversity and love that the flower one is included! Shame the fish or TV head didn't make it :)
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