Terraria: Journey's End Vanity Contest Winners!

Oh man, I kind of feel bad I didn't make account on forums earlier.. Anyways THIS IS INCREDIBLE WORK oh my god! You can't go wrong with the goat skulls I see!!! I'm impressed 2 similar ones made it on top, I love them both! However all 5 are really awesome and the quality of the previews REALLY made them shine. As I said, my account was made after this contest so I not only have to congratulate the winners but also the community for this BRILLIANT TASTE! I CAN'T WAIT TO ROCK THEM ALL on each character (have one for each class xD ) Love you all! 👏
I'm Still Coming Up With Ideas, And Will For Years To Come! I Didn't Enter The Contest, But If Another One IS Held In The Future, You Bet I Will Join!

Thank You All At Relogic For The Amazing Game. I Will Be Playing 'Till My Funeral Bell Comes A Ringing.
So I looked up the people to see if they had any other cool ideas. Then I got to R-MK...

Anyone got bleach for my eyes?
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