Terraria just keeps crashing randomly like an hour into playing


As stated my game crashes randomly usually before an action such as dashing using an item or swinging a sword this will happen once around an hour (has caused a corrupted saves before. I fixed this by turning auto saves off so it won't crash during a auto save and corrupt my save) but sometimes I will save and exit and exit the game and return to the game and my world file will just be randomly corrupted... i have tried reinstalling the game, verifying the files multiple times i have also tried turning off auto saves didn't work. what happens is the game will freeze crash and then it will also crash steam. And even if I exit and save without it crashing sometimes the world will corrupt.

I can recover the world through file previous version in windows but it's like a week older version I don't mind losing the progress but it just makes the game unplayable knowing all your world progress is gonna be gone the player progress stays tho..

This is vanilla terraria
No mods or anything

my pc specs:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Rx 580 8gb
16gb ram 3200mhz

Please reply
I can also add that I can predict when my world has crashed because when I open the game my game settings will reset to default. Whenever I successfully open the game and the world isn't corrupted my achievements will reset but that's all that's notable
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