Terraria: Labor of Love is Out Now!

Yes, it was. The intentionally changed aspect was a Gamepad only problem. If you are seeing side effects on K/M, we can look into fixing whatever might be behaving differently there, but for the record . . .
Ah, I am on M&K. Haven't ever used gamepad. Just to make sure I'm not mixing things up, are we talking about the gold plate behind the currently selected item? That's the thing that seems to have disappeared. Was that intended for M&K as well? It used to show up for both favorited and unfavorited items while in the inventory.

Unfavorited Pre-Update.pngFavorited Pre-Update.png

Unfavorited Post-Update.pngFavorited Post-Update.png is out now for Android and iOS!

Please note that you will need a new dedicated server exe if you use that (linked in the OP or at the bottom of Terraria.org).

  • Xbox and PlayStation have been approved and should be in players' hands in just a little bit (today).
  • Switch is still in review at Nintendo.
  • Amazon still in review - but good signs that it will make it this week.
  • Google Play old "Trial" version (where people bought the full game through the now-deprecated Trial version) is still in process, based on additional requirements given to us from Google - hoping to have that in early December.
  • Some regional versions (Korea/Japan/China mainly) could trail behind a bit, as we work with our regional publishers to get this out in those areas.
its a great update just made the game to ez for me legendary mode did help this but the small powerups you get from shimmer are powerful

Player bars.PNG

No longer wonder how much health you have left - even on the fancier health bars! (Toggle this on/off in settings)

Boss Bars.PNG

Having to hover over the boss to see just how close you are to defeating it is a thing of the past!
I’m actually curious, when is mobile gonna get these? (Idr if console got them or not so I’m just wondering when they’re gonna get them universally)
If I just have to wait until 1.4.5 releases that’s fine, I’m just wondering if we will be getting this feature
Unless these features are very hidden that I can’t find them in the settings lol
Edit: I know about the boss heath bars are present I’m mainly talking about the player health bars
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