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PS4 Terraria lagging and constant freezing


Terraria freezes in an offline game session and only in a certain area in my world. I also notice a lot of lagging while moving around in my spawn point area which is populated by many 'shiny' blocks (ex gold, pearlescent, etc.) and decorative items.

I have also transferred my saved content from PS3 to PS4 around late December.

As far as freezing goes, upon initially loading my world and appearing at spawn point I have been able to zoom in and zoom out and travel to various areas of the world I've been building in. As soon as I go up and to the right of spawn point (which hasn't been changed from the center of the map) it freezes hard. Video is still present. I still hear music playing for a few seconds, then it stops. I have waited as long as 5+ minutes after this point. I then have to physically press the power button as the controller functions are inaccessible. I hear 3 beeps from the Playstation 4 system and video from Terraria is still visible for up to 1 minute. From there, the PS4 restarts itself and an Sony error report form is shown.

Hoping there is a solution to this or perhaps the next update will fix this issue. Just bought PS4 version and have been unable to play it.

I have also upgraded my system to 2TB and it claims to be a faster drive than the stock 500GB hard drive. Perhaps that could be an issue?
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