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Terraria Launch on Nintendo Switch


Just sharing what I am hearing when I asked the same questions to 505. :)

From what I have seen, both approaches exist - again, taking the analog - MC is $29.99 digital and physical.

Then you have a game like Hollow Knight where it is different (and the physical is more than 2x the digital).

Sure, some people get physical as a "collectors item" - but a lot of folks get it because of internet issues. I know because that was me for the first year+ of Switch - downloading games just wasn't a viable option, so being able to go pick up a cart was a lifesaver. That is the person being disadvantaged.

Again, just sharing the logic as it was shared to me.
yeah, they really do deserve it. I just hope silksong comes out soon :p


Apparently this feature will be added later - so don't waste you time looking. We got a version that is $10 more then PS4 version, but with less features...
Yeah pretty upset I didn't notice this on the eShop before blowing my money. I just assumed this game would have local multiplayer as it does in other versions. Sadly I've already put some hours into the game on switch solo and I'm sure a refund is unlikely.


Skeletron Prime
505Games 2 wishes least bring back the wolf pet and update the 360/PS3 edition of Terraria to at least 1.3
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