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Switch Terraria Launches Today on Nintendo Switch!

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by Loki, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Keener23

    Keener23 Terrarian

    Terraria on switch is awesome but anyone else have an issue with it "freezing" when it autosaves? I'm playing on a large world in handheld mode... super annoying. Other than that it's been great.
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  2. The Goblin Tinkler

    The Goblin Tinkler Terrarian

    Local co op splitscreen??
  3. Acetheboss

    Acetheboss Plantera

    not yet, but it should happen soon.
  4. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi @Keener23, I'm seeing others say that they are having some freezing when playing on large worlds undocked. For both of their instances the game continues to play nicely after the freezing ends.
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  5. rokemanzerojp

    rokemanzerojp Terrarian

    Hi,I just want to konw, will Terraria on switch update Chinese or Japanese?If it will update Chinese or Japanese,I will buy it now,if no,I will wait Chinese or Japanes version.Please answer me,I very want to buy and play it,but my English is not very good,so I hope it will have Chinese or Japanese version
  6. XiaoXian10010

    XiaoXian10010 Terrarian

    What about Android version 1. 3 ?
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  7. Keener23

    Keener23 Terrarian

    Yeah the game runs great and the "freezing" is around 15 - 20 seconds sometimes but in between everything works well. Also I left Terraria on in sleep mode overnight and when I turned it on this morning all water was making a falling effect, like a lake for example was freaking out as if it was falling from the sky, I had to close out of terraria to fix it just as a FYI.

    P.S. please bring back the bunny pet
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  8. JesKlas

    JesKlas Terrarian

    Just bought it today, love all of the features but switching controls ie. Custom controls seems to like to freeze the game... Unfortunate.
  9. The Real Bryan

    The Real Bryan Skeletron

    Give that more time. Switch just barely released yesterday. Also as a good thing to know, Console ports are being worked on by Pipeworks, but Mobile is being taken care of by DR Studios. Try looking for topics in regards to Mobile to find out more. ~:)
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  10. Stonetribe

    Stonetribe Terrarian

    When local splitscreen multiplayer is added, will it support up to four players or only two? I've been trying to find out if me and my family can all play at once or not.
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  11. LightX

    LightX Official Terrarian

    I think it will be four, but you would need 8 joycons (2 for each) but for undocked multiplayer, it will be 2 at most judging from how big the screen is.
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  12. Towerbooks3192

    Towerbooks3192 Terrarian

    Ok so the game just RKO'd my wallet out of nowhere and I am enjoying it so far. Not sure if it is a bug or some changes along the line since its been 5ever since I played 1.3 but is it just me or world generation seems to have more common chasms like very deep ones. If I assume correctly, this version has 1.3+all fixes minus anything from the wiring update and onwards? So no cool desert update?
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  13. Stonetribe

    Stonetribe Terrarian

    Ah okay then, thank you! That pretty much seals the deal for me, going to buy it tomorrow morning!
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  14. Bjorn

    Bjorn Terrarian

    I found a bug and now I'm permanently stuck. Medusa did the stone debuff on me, and for some reason I'm stoned for life. The countdown of the debuff goes from 0 to -1 and further. Every time i reload my character I respawn stoned and nothing can kill me because I have to much hp.
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  15. LightX

    LightX Official Terrarian

    Wear off your armor?
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  16. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi @Bjorn, like LightX suggested, try taking off your armor, get killed by slimes or zombies (anything that’s around) and see if you respawn unstoned from there.

    Also, if you haven’t already, I suggest sending this info directly to Pipeworks (the console developers) here: Terraria: Console & Mobile Bug Form

    You probably won’t get a response, but the development team reads over every bug report that comes in through that form.
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  17. Fer010

    Fer010 Terrarian

    For a possible future update is possible add the 3ds control scheme on the switch?
    if is possible is very important to be add the possibility to when olding the button for use the sword let it continue to be in use (like on 3ds and mobile) in this way is no need to spam clicking or add on controll setting this option
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  18. Harold Ghawaly

    Harold Ghawaly Terrarian

    I’m happy it’s finally here, but I have no money. I need to wait for a sale. Hopefully there will be one soon, I need to play this!
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    Can’t buy it yet, but am excited beyond all doubt. Love you devs!
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  19. Michael18751

    Michael18751 Spazmatism

    This is so awsome! 1.3 portable! And splitscreen soon!
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  20. Dannyxv8

    Dannyxv8 Terrarian

    Lower the price.
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