Terraria Mobile 1.3 Reaches Alpha!

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The PC crafting UI sucks why can't mobile keep its original crafting UI because it shows what you can craft

Change, my friend. The devs are planning to revamp everything with the recoding, along with the UIs, to make sure everything is user-friendly, and to make it as smooth as a freshly opened box of butter! ~:)

You should be able to choose which UI you use, imo.
No more Drax in Shadow Chests...

That's sad. But Then again, drax is op in early hardmode.
Honestly, I hope this update keeps the damage ramp up for Cursed Inferno, or at least put it on Venom. That stuff is super helpful for Plantera and Duke Fishron.
:/ How do people rank up here :3
[doublepost=1557550801,1557550550][/doublepost]I am also looking forward to the water physics updare in 1.3.4 ~
You know what? I think i pity my self,I kept depending on apks just to play paid apps,now hoping that there would be one for 1.3 mobile. I'm just a simple tenen with no bank acc >_<.I'm sorry devs,All i just want was to play terraria,besides memes, terraria's my salvation :v
One question will they remove the event bosses(e.g Lepus and Turkor the ungrateful) just asking

I think so

Sadly, it is confirmed that the seasonal bosses and their content will be departing from Mobile Terraria for good... but that is not 100% bad, as their eventual demise will give rise to the true end content of Mobile Terraria, as well as some polishments never seen before! ~:)
Will the 1.3 for mobile will add the option to change the difficulty when making a new character

Difficulty (Expert/Normal) is tied to world creation.

Difficulty (Hardcore/MidCore/Softcore) is tied to Character Creation
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