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Terraria Mobile 1.3 Reaches Alpha!

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Tunnel King

Ok. Cuz I'm using a pixel XL, and I would be steamed if I had to use a different phone to play the update.
Please ignore any unsubstantiated rumors about what devices will/will not be supported, no matter where it comes from.

Only Re-Logic/505Games/DR Studios will make that determination, and only they will be reputable sources of that information when it is revealed.


Do you have the release date yet? :p
[doublepost=1558369518,1558369300][/doublepost]will we also be getting old ones army, or is that more in the future


Official Terrarian
Terrarians if you see yo-yo in mobile you can see a bug in yo-yo, :happy::happy:
[doublepost=1556460724,1556460685][/doublepost]But it is pretty nice in mobile right in pre 1.3 mobile
[doublepost=1556460774][/doublepost]If you are communicating in dev can youyshare some good news?? ;)
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