Terraria Mobile 1.3 Reaches Alpha!

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Nerf slime please

Hmm... I totally agree with you! Nerf them to the point where they will always suffer and die from fall damage every time they attempt to hop! ~:p

Buff dungeon guardian

Yes! It should spin even faster than it already is, and have it’s health raised from 9999 to 99999, because 9s are always great for large numbers! ~:p
Is the date for the Mobile Update has been announced? :kingslime: I am so excited to play the 1.3 In Mobile :D

Not quite, yet! It is very likely that shortly after Mobile has entered the Beta stage of development, the coveted date will finally appear, so let’s all keep our hopes up for what’s coming! ~;)
Wym it is too late and also all the important functions such as hooks and potions are easily accessible
I hope they do not change the controls to this cluttered mess.

Evolution is what makes things better for gamers everywhere.

Let me give you an analogy that I think is quite apt to what we will have here.

This - more or less - is what you are using to control current mobile....


Granted, the left side is an analog stick, but the right side is a binary left-right control, effectively captured by our A and B buttons here. Of course, you have touch controls to a degree as well, as it is mobile after all.

This is more akin to what you are going to be getting - again, on top of even better touch controls.... controls that provide redundancies as well, so that you have more than one way to use a given weapon or tool.


This allows for people to fall into their own hybrid styles over time - merging touch and sticks and buttons together in different ways, sometimes even tailored to the given scenario.

There is a reason we are not all using controllers from 1985 anymore. Games evolved to a point where they simply demanded more. Using a 2019 solution to a 2019 game seems more wise in our book. :)
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