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Terraria Mobile 1.3 Reaches Alpha!

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Tunnel King

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Does anyone know if the Beta Testing can be done on Kindle Fire?
I believe that they are only looking for GooglePlay Android and iOS right now. The Amazon/Fire version will come shortly after (I hope - I had asked about this myself).

So the answer is 'no', for now, but they have committed to having an Amazon version for release.


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Hi on the Terraria discord one of your bots has been being very mean and saying I will definitely not be a beta tester and I would love to be one
Everyone has a low chance of getting in, so that bot is really just saying the truth.
Will this update fix the cloud issues? Im new Here. So excited for the 1.3 mobile hope I'll be chosen as a beta tester. :pinky::happy:
I think cloud will be temporarily removed (Not confirmed)
When can we expect a releases date? I am honestly checking my updates every 10 seconds to see if terraria 1.3 is out on mobile
Its not gonna be out for a few months. Its only in alpha.
being symmetrical seems nice, but i won't be surprised if the controls are uncomfortable.
Lifehack: Zoom in on one of the screens in the picture and start playing with the controls.
Yes I hope I would be selected for the beta test
Dont get your hopes up.
If I do get the beta access, how will it work? A separate app, file for an app, or..?
Im pretty sure iOS will download TestFlight (unconfirmed) Not sure about android though.


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Why do the mobile players get 600 health? Tsk, tsk, favoritism...

All joking aside, this is shaping up nicely! For those of you who haven't played 1.3 at all before, you're gonna love those pillars!
you can get 400 life by heart crystals, and 500 by life fruit, and by drinking a life force potion gets you 600 health...

Also look at the pink pillar picture it has 500 health so dont go assuming things if you haven't looked at the pictures well.


Good luck! I love your profile pic! Also are you Turkish? because I think your name is Turkish.
Thanks bro and yeah i'm Turkish
[doublepost=1554845088,1554844899][/doublepost]they are approaching the beta they should release the game in May


Will there be LAN multiplayer? We love playing this game with my friend at school. Some LAN games require both phones to be connected to the same network, which mean we would need 3 phones. Terraria doesnt work like that, me or my friend needs to open the hotspot and connect the my or his phone to play, i hope you guys wont ruin this.
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