Terraria: OtherWorld BACK!?


A long time ago, Relogic started work on a game called Terraria: Otherworld. Sadly, due to a number of problems during the development of the game, Relogic was forced to cancel it, after a long and troubled development cycle with numerous radio silences. However, Redigit, the president of Relogic, has stated that if he can get 100,000 signatures and 15 dollars, he will open-source the game. I will cover the 15 dollars myself, but it's up to the community to help get enough signatures. This could allow people to see what Terraria: Otherworld could have been. Once it is open-source, modders and developers can work to finish the game themselves, and perhaps people can finally get to see the dream of Terraria: Otherworld realized in a playable form. - Redigit Proof
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Why do people keep falling for stuff like this? Red is a notorious troll, and anything he says should be taken with a grain of salt until proven true.

Case in point, this is a message from him just two days earlier:


I sincerely doubt the legal status of Otherworld would've changed so drastically in as little as two days, but feel free to prove me wrong. I would love to see Otherworld in some capacity, but let's not get our hopes up just to be disappointed when nothing actually happens.
This is the same man who said he'd add the Moon Lord's Legs as a boss if he got something similar.
Seriously, don't take this as gospel.

...Also this has almost nothing do do with modding. I think you misunderstand just how different making mods using an existing API and developing a game and engine from scratch is.
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