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I assume with all the custom changes to weapons that it's not compatible with any other big content mods? Unless I didn't read if it was / wasn't somewhere. If not is there any plan to try add compatibility to other mods?
Ive tested it with spirt mod and it seemed to run pretty well. (Im on windows 10 btw)
It's called bunnyhopping and it's 100% intentional.

bugs that were already fixed for the next update. the reason it didn't release it is that it's huge.

Is this just trashtalk? Because worm damage works flawlessly in the latest version.

thanks for your pointless opinion.
why are you such a :red:? you get any amount of criticism and immediately turn into a :red:
whatever, i could care less
Which Evangelion version of Fly Me To The Moon is used in this mod?

It sounds great but I can't find it amongst all the other versions out there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Why is the last update changelog locked? Does the creator of the mod gain something by making this information exclusive to people who pay for Patreon?
I think this is a neglect.
I don't like it.
I thinks there's a problem related to weapon UI option. Even when I disable it in the menu I still see the little icon in the bottom left corner. Wouldn't be a thing to bother, but as I'm using leveled some text overlaps each other during level up.


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First, thanks for an awesome mod, been playing this for 100+ hours now. But I was wondering if it´s possible to hide your weapon/tools. It´s in the way when building. :) Thanks again.
Hey people, I need to say that I liked this mod as it was before some update, wich I don't remember exactly when it was released, but, I liked those mechanics of breaking the glass blocks with bullets and holding the button to make the character hold the arrow in the bow and all these thigs the mod had before. Now the breaking glass mechanic has totally gone and the bow one was replaced by an automatic shoot, wich I like too, but for other, more advanced bows in the game. I'm sad about this. And I would like Mirsario to read this and consider making it come again to the mod, even if it is necessary to make it optional, so as not to bother those who didn't like these mechanics.
You just can't.
When I was playing Overhaul v4.5.3,I saw a message said that Beta version of 1.4 Overhaul is available on Patreon.And I entered this website,I found the download link given blow.But finally I found that it's not responding.I don't know if it's because I live in China(main land).:sigh:


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Latest Changelogs
Overhaul Wiki

This is a huge mod, which, instead of adding new content to the game, focuses on adding new gameplay mechanics and completely remaking existing ones.
It remakes guns, magic, player movement, broadswords, shortswords, hammers, chainsaws and other tools, adds seasons, dodgerolls, block climbing, walljumps, wallrolls, atmospheric sounds & footsteps, emotes, a weakness & resistance system, it makes gore ridiculously enjoyable, adds blood on tiles, a fire and an electricity systems, makes a lot of stuff more interactable, enhances enemy ai, completely remakes player rendering, makes trees fall like in starbound, and does a thousand more things i can't even memorize.
Believe me, it's colossal.







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Hello im pretty new to this mod thingy and i really need help on downloading this mod and getting it on my terreria game and im on phone ;-;
Hello im pretty new to this mod thingy and i really need help on downloading this mod and getting it on my terreria game and im on phone ;-;
There are no mods for Terraria mobile yet. You can't play with tModLoader in your phone. And you can't play this and any other mod in your phone because they are not for phones. They are made for PC version of Terraria.
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