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Terraria - PewDiePie Crossover Merchandise Launches Today


Eye of Cthulhu
bro shut up you don't know what I have been doing but I know you have been being nosey putting your face in other peoples business. stop it now. I did not ask you what you think I have been doing. because you dont know/.


pewdiepie cusses and was banned from roblox for that reason. if your talking about the youtuber
me already cursed over 12,000 times on discord :
also I did got 12,000 coal for present, nice, now I dont need to pay for gas.

edit : I saw a lot of drama on this thread, first of all I want to say that pews said it was just a joke at the end of his cocomelon diss track, which y'all said he is racist, second of all, he is just a youtuber that make us laugh all day, he did his best, please dont bring drama to this thread.
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Unit One

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me already cursed over 12,000 times on discord :
also I did got 12,000 coal for present, nice, now I dont need to pay for gas.
This has nothing to do with the topic of the thread though. Off topic posts create more off topic posts. Let's get back on topic please.


As unexpected as this is, it’d be nice to see more Terraria and Pewdiepie crossovers in the future. Two good things make something better after all.


i wonder if eventually we'll see markiplier give terraria a try... i think jacksepticeye played some of it?

also, how big is that figure? the video and image don't really give me a good idea of its size.


It's not an insult if the person taking it is offended. Either way, can we just appreciate how cool the merch is?
It's youtuber branded merch though. It's basically worthless unless you're a fan of that youtuber, and I'm not.

I'm more in Xemiel's camp. I know it's just for marketing to Pewdiepie's demo after the streams, but the promotion of Pewdiepie's stream when it first started also felt like kind of an amoral decision on the part of re-logic to begin with. I know the devs like him. I know the majority of the community likes him. I'm fine with that. I still think it's a bad decision and that people are justified in saying so.
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