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Terraria - PewDiePie Crossover Merchandise Launches Today


I think that you're making a PR blunder in doing this and I'm frankly baffled by the fact that this got through. In good faith though, I will assume that those approving it didn't do their research.

PewDiePie has a history of saying the n-word on his livestream as a "slip up" thrice now, was dropped from Maker (a Disney subsidiary) over attempting to see what he could get away with on Fiverr by making people say anti-semetic and racist stuff. This is all pretty well documented.

Lesser known things include following and endorsing major alt-right figures like Jordan Peterson and even featuring Ben Shapiro in one of his videos and recommending his viewers to watch a review of some racist jackass who is racist in the video that he linked.

The "subscribe to pewdiepie" meme quickly became used in racist contexts against Indian people and only was disavowed by the guy once two nazis shot up a synagogue and a mosque and said "subscribe to pewdiepie" before opening fire on innocents. He also has been convicted for racism in India for one of the songs that he wrote in the context of that entire debacle.

In an attempt to apologize for this, he first promised to donate money to the ADL, only to pull that money later out of "concerns coming from his fanbase about the ADL as an organization". Checking prominent PDP adjacent communities reveals that these "concerns" were poorly disguised anti-semitism.

At best he's a dumbass who is introducing his underage audience to ideas that run contrary to what would fly on this forum and Re-Logic partnering with him is concerning at best. At worst he's an active alt-righter. Either way, it is a really bad look for the Terraria developers to associate with him and I can't help but express disappointment in this happening.

None of this is defamatory, there are sources for all of these claims.


Skeletron Prime
First off being a troll on the internet and people reacting are two different things. Both sides of the political spectrum have spun out of control and both actively act like idiots blaming each other for what's wrong with this world. Whether or not he actually DID those things or not it's not up to YOU or ME to decide on who Relogic does a deal with. They could collab with an extremist Left Wing Marxist and that would be their business. That is THEIR decision. This isn't about politics. This is about gaming culture. Get over yourselves. If they feel like it'll help their brand expand even further they are welcome to follow whatever path they deem is right.


Guys calm down. If you don't like the person, crossover or merch then wait for another one. I'm sure it's coming soon. No need to start an argument.
I personally wouldn't have replied ever again if not for someone rolling in on their high horse and necroing the thread to re-ignite the dead argument.

Thanks for trying to mediate though. I'm sure both of our comments will get removed so it won't be a problem. That is unless the mods think "both sides bad and you're full or yourselves for disliking a company's decision" and necroing a dead thread to start a political argument is somehow any more civil than what I've said.

Unit One

Staff member
To avoid any confusion, the mods have not removed anyone’s post. If a post isn’t here anymore, it’s because the author of the post removed it themselves. As long as things are stated politely, members are certainly free to share their opinion, whether it be positive or negative. :)
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