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Terraria Pushes Beyond 30 Million Copies Sold!


Wow! That's so excited, I remember when I used to play this on my xbox360, then I got it on pc and had LODS more fun!!!


We should be the ones thanking you for creating such an addictive and interesting game. And with a pretty small team, it’s amazing that you’ve gotten so much content into the game, working as hard as you can. I’m the one thanking you from the bottom of my heart, Re-Logic.


Congratulations to each who gave us this wonderful, awesome game ! You deserved every penny, every thankfull word.

Thank you so much.

still waiting for crescendo - the Journey's end


Well, not so many games of this kind can achieve this numbers.
It's fun beacouse Terraria is the only game in my Steam account with 5000+ hours of play and this number keep growing.
There are no games like, i mean, Skyrim, Oblivion and Morrowind, The Witcher, PFFFFF, only like 100/200 hours! Terraria 5000+!
What the hell make that game so fun and addictive? Beacouse its simple and original.

A 2D game when you actually go around killing things and breaking others, there are no restrictions, just do what the heck you want.
Unlimited opportunities, kill, farm, create, destroy, explore, you can do anything.

But i wanna thanks for first this time the MOD community. 4K hours of play out of 5 are thanks to them.
Mod support in Terraria it's just like HEAVEN for a player.

Thanks Re-Logic, Thanks modders, thanks Terraria Community.


It's really exciting that this game has reached the 30 million milestone! I can't wait for Journey's End (and dreading it at the same time, being the last update and all) and I know this game will only become more popular in the future. Keep doing what you're doing Re-Logic! You deserve this milestone!


This game is great and I am so happy that more and more people are becoming fans of it. I hope you guys make more great games after Terraria.
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