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Terraria Quality of Life Update Out Now for XB1/PS4!


The post says that map data is saved in multiplayer, but it seems that sometimes the map doesn't show up. It is fixed by leaving the world and coming back in.
I wish they would fix the Meteorite not landing in MP. My friend and I have played over 150 hours on the same world and still no meteorite. Also, at times in Hardmode, there are way too many events happening back to back. Especially, solar eclipses and it gets old.
A meteorite has a chance per orb to break, it’s not when you break the orb there’s a chance for it to spawn, it’s every time a orb is broken, that might be your problem


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Now with the quality of life out lets hope Pipeworks has a actual statement in the next SotG and not another blank 2 sentence disappointment about 1.4 or another quality of life improvement


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Alongside an armful of various bug fixes
So what exactly does those armful of fixes do? I still don't know, and I don't really feel like going "treasure hunting" right now. In fact I haven't even installed the update yet. I really hope they involve fixing this issue that i reported some time ago.

Well, after finally installing the update and doing some quick testing I can say those bug fixes involve at least the following:
  • Performance - General performance seems better in this version. The previous version improved that considerably too. This version appears to take that a bit further. I have only tested this very briefly in single player, so YMMV.
  • D-PAD bindings are now persistent. Bindings of weapons/items now seems to be stored in the save file. It's no longer necessary to rebind them everytime you start the game.
  • Bubble blocks are no longer incontinent.
That's what I have found so far. There might be other things as well. I would still like to see the full changelog.
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