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PC Terraria RP Server! Come Join us!

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Official Terrarian
"This is Terrarian Outlands, a long lost world in Terraria. Forgotten by the player, it only houses lost npcs and mobs."
"This world has been opened up to the multiverse, a complex system of alternate realities. The spirits of light and dark can feel them coming..."
"... The Terrarian Outlands will never be the same ..."

Welcome to Terrarian Outlands, my Terraria RP server!

This thread will give a rundown of rules and what the server has to offer!

Of course, if you want to join the server, the discord link is at the bottom of the thread!

- Absolutely no NSFW.
- Respect other people and admins.
- Admins do the same.
- Things such as mind control, kidnapping, or any other things that would normally be against the victim's will is not allowed without the muse's consent.
- Admin abuse is not allowed.
- Please roleplay in a organized, turn based manner.
Set your name to this format if you wish to RP: OCName [Name]
At certain milestones we'll release a random Terraria related boss to wreak havoc on Terraria Outlands! Can you defeat them before dawn arises?
We'll also pass out some NPC roles to random Terrarians! No, this doesn't mean you have to roleplay as the role you are given, it just means you can.

So, does this sound lie a good idea? You can say yes by joining my server and roleplaying on it!

With that said, hope you enjoy the server and have a great time!

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