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Terraria Scientifically

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Skeletron Prime

Is this thing on?
Hi, I’m here to explain terraria as, em, “Scientifically” as possible. I’ll answer whatever you ask, from the layers of the universe itself to why slimes bounce, if that’s your thing. The scientists is: IN


Eye of Cthulhu
How does the Wall of Flesh move forward when it doesn't have limbs to do so? And why does it speed up on low health when it should slow down from injuries and exhaustion?

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Skeletron Prime
How does the Wall of Flesh move forward when it doesn't have limbs to do so? And why does it speed up on low health when it should slow down from injuries and exhaustion?
To answer that:
The "Wall" of Flesh
The first thing we must clarify is: what is the "wall" behind the wall of flesh?
If you have fought the wall before (Completely normal), and you have fallen behind the front of this wall (also completely normal), you may notice that, instead of running into the wall, you pass behind it and get tounged (not normal or appropriate, other than in this situation, in which it's completely normal).Another thing to notice is that you never see the top or bottom of the wall. It just keeps on going for, as far as you know, forever.

So, does the wall actually exist? Is it like this:

or like this:

Well, since the wall is probably not fit to support an infinitely long organism, and since you don't actually interact with the wall itself, I believe the wall is an illusion created when your presence is detected. It's possible some sort of lensing effect is used, or that the wall has an ability to support massive body growth for short periods of time, or that it's some kind of mental hack (which would make a good band name). either way, for our purposes, this is the wall of flesh:

So, how does it move?
Back to the original question, the answer is pretty simple: Terraria has a knack for making eyes and mouths with bloody tentacle propulsion.
This question mostly goes back to "How can the Eye of Cuthulu move?", to which the answer, (hopefully) ruling out things like air jets, is most likely swimming through the air using tentacles. I have no idea how they get into the air, but seeing how entity physics is a (albeit very complicated) thing, it seems like a good guess. The wall probably uses similar tactics to the Eye except each part moving together, as a unit.
Also, for the sake of things, it could use air jets, although I'd rather it didn't.

And the speeding up part?
The answer to this is that injuries don't really work normally in Terraria. When you get hit by a zombie, do you lose a leg or something? No, you remain (mostly) unhindered.
It seems like, in terraria, entities are invulnerable spare debuffs and health. When the health of an entity reaches zero, nothing too dramatic happens, the entity just ceases to be an entity and often crumbles for that reason. I still don't quite know how health works, but it doesn't seem to affect an entity's physical state. (Shut up, modding community.)
So, back to the question: It makes some sense the wall would save a final burst of strength; After all, it could save the wall (And often does).

Thanks for the question!
The guide is the WoF


Can the newly added cluster rockets, liquid rockets (the ammunition) and bouncy explosives actually work and exist in real life ?
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