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PC Terraria-Servers.com, most complete server list for Terraria


Dear Terraria Community,

I would like to present you, Terraria-Servers.com, one of the most popular server list for Terraria with lot of features. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers.

Preview of the features :

- Browse servers with different ways : score, countries, versions, uptime, tags, random...
- Support of Tshock Rest API to display connected players
- Search engine multi-criteria
- Comment system : leave your opinion or discuss directly with server owners
- Favorite system : build your own server list
- Achievements and leaderboard
- Regular server check : All servers are checked every 5 minutes
- Server statistics
- Server notifications : receive notification when your server goes offline
- Vote system
- Support for private server : Private server have their address hidden
- API system for external interaction (reward plugin....)
- Dynamic status banners : show your server status on your website / forum with our nice dynamic banners

I invite you to discover it on https://terraria-servers.com/

We continue to improve it very often. If you have a server or you are searching for one, give it a try ;-)

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You forgot to add like here: "I would - like - to present you,"

nice post btw. I'll check into it.

Lord of Cats

Skeletron Prime
Really Nice Post! Thanks For taking the time and effort it!

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With the release of Terraria 1.3 we hit a new record with more than 200,000 unique visitors just in July.



- Discord Support : You can now link your Discord server with your game server
- Fake Vote Tool : We added a tool to cast fake vote to allow you to test our API or your vote plugin without the limit of our vote system



The design of our server list has been updated. It's not nice and probably as much ugly as before (I'm not a web designer) but as least it is a little bit more modern, working better on responsive devices and now we can focus on the future new features.



The best terraria mini games sever is the pedguin server

IP: Pedguin.com
Port: 7777

Terraria.tk is good too

IP: terraria.tk
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