Important Terraria Social Groups: Rules & Guidelines

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    Welcome to Terraria Community Social Groups, the gathering place for all kinds of Terrarians! Discuss, game together, etc- when looking for a group, this is the place! Before jumping into the fun, please be sure to read the rules and guidelines outlined in this document.

    Social Groups Summary

    The social groups category is divided into four sections, each covering a broad type of content. As with the rest of the forum, social groups should be created in the proper location and misplaced groups will be closed. Interested members can start by reading the Community User Guide: Social Groups.
    • Terraria Clans & Server Groups: This section is for Social Groups dedicated to playing Terraria together - either as a gaming clan or just a group of friends on a server. This section is not for general game discussion, off-topic discussion, or forum roleplay. Town Square: Rules & Guidelines apply to groups within this section.
    • Non-Terraria Discussion Groups: This section is for Social Groups dedicated to the discussion of non-Terraria games, non-gaming topics, and other topics unrelated to Terraria. This section also houses the "Adult Swim" group where potentially volatile topics are discussed. Note that this group is opt-in only and that anyone joining does so with an understanding of the note posted on the group homepage. Non-Terraria Topics: Rules & Guidelines apply to groups in this section.
    • Forum Roleplay - Terraria and Non-Terraria: This section is for Social Groups engaging in forum-based roleplay. Note that in-game roleplay (via Terraria server) groups should be hosted in the Terraria Clans & Server Groups section.

    Social Groups Rules
    • Participation in social groups is a privilege, not a right. Members who abuse that privilege will have it removed.
    • Social groups which are inactive for more than a year or whose moderators are composed exclusively of banned members will be subject to removal.
    • Do not create social groups that imitate existing forum sections or that are capable of functioning as a thread in an appropriate forum section. Forum sections for general discussion of topics, both Terraria and Non-Terraria related, already exist and creating social groups with the same purpose is redundant.
    • Do not create social groups which duplicate the topic of an already existing group. Multiple groups on the same topic split focus and typically have a negative impact on all groups involved, so please use the forum's search function before creating a group to ensure that one does not already exist.
    • Do not create social groups based on or primarily devoted to a joke or meme. Groups created for a joke or meme tend toward large amounts of content that violate the forum rules and as such are not allowed.
    • Do not create social groups which focus on a specific member or group of members. This forum is about discussing various topics, but concentrating discussion on an individual member or collection of members too often fosters content counter to common forum rules and guidelines.
    • Do not create social groups or threads within them for general chatting or off-topic posting. Social groups, like any other forum section or thread, are created for a specific topic and all discussion should be related to that topic. However, due to the nature of Roleplaying and Clan/Server groups, each group in those sections is allowed a single general discussion thread.
    • Do not create social groups that function primarily as an advertisement of a third-party site. Members should be able to understand, join, and participate in a group without needing to visit other websites. Third-party sites may be used to provide supplemental information, but should not serve as the dominate source.
    • Groups must be clearly titled. A member should be able to understand the general purpose of the social group by reading the group title.
    • Groups must include at least a paragraph of content in the group summary, including, but not limited to, a public description of the group's purpose and, if applicable, any information necessary to join the group.
    • Group moderators are in charge of their groups and their word should be obeyed just as a community staff member's would be. This does not give group moderators the right to abuse members or otherwise violate the forum rules and if any member thinks a group moderator has overstepped their authority, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the community staff.
    • Groups with internal rules and guidelines beyond those dictated by the forum should have a clearly titled, "stickied" thread outlining all special restrictions and requirements.
    • It is strongly recommended that all groups, especially public groups, include a "welcome" thread that clearly details information a member would need to know before participating in the group. It is also suggested that the welcome thread be "stickied" to the top of the group thread index for easy access.

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